This game is underway on TSN. I expect Hamilton to put up a fight tonight.

Rogers is playing CIS football instead of my Knights game, and my movie doesn't start until 11:05 pm, so Hamilton better make a game of this.

What’s the CIS matchup and which movie?

Ti_Cats and then a movie? I wonder if the movie is a horror show as well? :wink:

I didn't even think to check. I was just ticked that they weren't playing my OHL game. :lol:

It is a horror show, actually... Space is playing Jason X. I like to watch a lot scary movies in October. AMC is playing a bunch of the Halloween movies, but I can't stand those... So Jason X it is.

Oh, and how lame is this game? Couldn't Hamilton have saved us the time and just mailed the two points...?

It isn't a total loss for you Chief. I see your Knights are up 5-3 early in the 3rd.

5-3 with 9:07 left. Whoo! Thanks for the update. I didn't even think to check the scores... Seems to be a theme tonight, not thinking... :lol:

Edit: 6-3 with 8:28!!!

Was this game that boring? LOL this is the worst game thread ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Yahoooooo first place baby!

Congrats R & W!!

Your team looks good & you deserve it.


Thanks Deb appreciate your feed back mean a lot.