Stampeders vs Riders Game Thread

Potential for a barn burner!

LETS GO STAMPS!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Provided Sask puts up more than 2 points tonight. :lol:

Come now, Chief. Maybe our D holds Hank & co. to 1 point or less :slight_smile:

That'll happen! :lol:

Of course, I can't really make fun since my team's only putting up 18.7 ppg. Whoo! Best offence in the league! :thup:

I'm sure the Riders will muster more than 2 points. I just hope the refs let these guys play and don't call cheesy roughing the passer and PI penalties. Make damn sure its a penalty before throwing that flag. Calgary is due for a less than stellar game, we'll see if this team is polished and composed enough to keep the streak going despite the noise at Mosaic.

An ugly win will do as far as I'm concerned, but a good ol prairie spanking would be sweet! :smiley:

Gonna be chilly in Mosaic by the looks of it.

-2 they said. It's only September. :lol:

Good ole Canadian Praires football.

So chief I guess we'll be best friends tonight, you hoping my Stamps can help your Schmoes hehe; C'mon say it with me Chief
GO STAMPS GO, GO STAMPS GO, come to the dark side :smiley:

Perfect Football weather for both teams. Ready to go!

I will not say that... though I will be cheering for the Stamps since I picked them to win. :?

22 yd return for Hugh - good average so far huh?

Let the stamps beat down begin. I just hope this one is over by half time..I'm behind on laundary.

Yeah baby!!!!

Looks like I can start my laundary by the start of the 2nd....that works too

So I guess Durant is 3-11 in the last 6 1/4 games. :lol:

Oh boy. Uh, well, aah. Oh, never mind.

If they overturn this I'll crap myself haha, why would you waste a challenge on that lol

The challenge on the catch will succeed. It was unorthodox but i think it was a catch.

Guess not.