Stampeders vs Lions

Now it's time for Calgary to kick BC's butt :lol:

fixed it

As an Edmonton fan, I'm not quite sure who to cheer for. :lol:

I would think you would want to see a chink in stamps armour. Some good game tapes for the esks to learn how to beat the stamps.

Yea well the Stamps score first - FG 3-0 Calgary leads

Yes, but first we have to get to the Stamps. So do you wanna get to them through BC or Sask? If Durant was taken off the injured list, that makes things a little more complicated.

I think only Edmonton beats the esks, not matter which of the two they play.

of course, the other side of the issue is the longshot of the stamps losing two games in a row. If they lose to BC, maybe not so good for Edmonton.

I'm not so sure. BC's gonna have tremendous motivation to beat Edmonton after that humiliating loss.

Did they really just say that BC got hit with an excessive celebration penalty? How was that excessive? This ain't the NFL, gents.

BC just can't stop the run

I don't know. Yeah, he didn't turn his head. But it looked like maybe he was playing the player. Close call. I agree with the challenge, but I'm not surprised by the result.

Either the Stamps really wanna win or the Lions are playing for the East. :expressionless:

Calgary TD - Stamps up 17-6 heading to the half.

Long bomb to Manny and we got ourselves a game! :rockin:

I believe the Stamps want to win...(sending the message) thus bring it on man. Calgary leads 24-13

Yeah. I think it's clear after that TD that the Stamps want it more. I hope the Lions lose in the East.

Or we beat the Roughriders tomorrow so we can embarrass the Lions again.

I think not Chief, competitive Benevides onward are you kidding me.

Ya if you intercept a pass and throw the ball into the stands they will call it cause your throwing away one the offences game balls, each offence has their own set of game balls . I don't think they do that in the NFL.