Stampeders vs Lions game thread

Lets go boys, I wanna see the Stamps "A" game tonight. :cowboy:

Likewise, The Lions are once again the team to stop should the west final come down to such. Go Eskies none the less.

...not feeling good about this one, even with the Lions fielding a rookie kicker...I gut-feel the stamps cough the ball up four times, three times for points...

I hope you're wrong. I have a feeling the Stamps receiving corps are going to have a big game. :rockin:

I must say the Lions uni's look sharp.

Finally black helmets with black jerseys.

Did anyone just hear that terrible, terrible commentary by Rod Black? "And there's a penalty... some sort of formation... and Burris is still on the sideline." It was like he had no idea what the hell was going on, so he just started throwing out random comments. How is this moron still employed? :lol:

Burris looks good so far...

Kelly must have faxed his game plan to Huff. What a sloppy start for Calgary.

Rod Black: "And the Stampeders and Lions.. usually 1 and 2.."

Really Rod Black? Really? How's life in 2006?

That's a good sign for the Calgary D

New drinking game for everyone! Take a drink whenever Rod Black mentions Jarius Jackson and Paris Jackson being the Offensive and Canadian Players of the Week. :smiley:

Looked like a horse-collar to me... no penalty?

C'mon Rambo GET up!!!! :cry:

He's done :x the hell is that blatant horsecollar not a penalty?...that is rediculous....

what a weird interception thrown by pierce

Weird is right…

Are you really surprised?

I gotta think Smart isn't 100% yet... he just dosen't have the speed he's shown in the past.

…well, yes I am…there are 6 sets of eyes watching the game and it wasn’t like it was in a crowd or anything…I’m astonished no ref saw that…