Stampeders vs Leos

Running game should play huge in this match-up; line of scrimmage battle.....can Calgary limit/contain Lulay?

Lions without Bruce and Simon. Calgary is playing better football right now. I expect Calgary to win in BC.

With no hockey scheduled, this game should have been bumped ahead 3 hours. A 10pm start time does not draw eastern viewers.

I am very pessimistic about tonight's game. The injuries don't bother me as much as the recent complacency and averageness of the Lions, on offence and defense. We just simply aren't playing to our potential, while Calgary looks like the new team to beat in the CFL.

Really looking forward to this one... :thup:

Between this and the F1 race in Japan, my PVR is going to be busy tonight!

I think Geroy and Arland being out is going to spark the Lions. Both have looked old and slow at times this year, and have been big disappointments compared to last year. I think Lulay is forced to spread the ball around more with them out. They looked a lot better last week when those guys were out.

Kickoff just moments away. The Lions need to produce some consistency-if they do, they'll be the next Alouettes.

Pretty sure I picked BC, so let's go Lions. :thup:

Good opening drive by Glenn; resulting in a FG - Lulay drives the Lions to answer with a TD pass to Gore..7-3 B.C.

Now this is more like it-great reads by Lulay, and already a solid showing by the new guys. I hope they can keep it up.

Going to be an interesting game; on side kick after the TD was a good call, but no can do - result FG Stamps..7-6 Lions

I can't believe that turned into a completed pass. And the first attempt to tackle Harris was pretty embarrassing. :lol: And TD right after that. 14-6. :thup:

Big run Harris on the draw up the middle - Lions out of field trouble. Lulay nice throw .. off the Calgary blitz to #33 gets the Leo's closer...TD Moore from Lulay.....Lions in front 14-6

Their offence really does look better without Simon and Bruce. Perhaps it's time for them to call it a career within the next couple seasons?

I'm really liking what I'm seeing right now from the Lions. I wasn't so sure they'd rebound this well, but they have definitely proved me wrong! :rockin:

Is BC trying to keep this game interesting by taking a bunch of stupid penalties? Good lord...

Lions finally decided to redeem themselves. INT.

Oscar-worthy acting by McCallum. :lol:

October football… :rockin: Good call on roughing the B.C. kicker too :cowboy:

Another flag. Anyone else think all these penalties are starting to ruin an otherwise decent game? Time to clean it up!