I'll take Calgary for the win in a close one.

that was a dirty play as far as I am concerned. The edmonton reciever was clearly down and only needed to be touched. NO reason for the calgary player to keep running and dive down to drive into him.

...pfft, happens in milliseconds, no dirty play.... far as I can see my team decided on the trip up yesterday to forget to take their FAT BLOATED HEADS OUT OF THIER A$$...and are completely out of this one so far....

...edmonton looks like edmonton of old....

...good job special teams, you finally figured out how to tackle...

My feed switched to two Australian guys fishing for trout. If any has a feed available in the US, please PM.

And it happens all the time

I can't get enough of that "71" on a receiver.

hu what's this edmonton handing calgary thier ass on a platter??wooo stay tuned for more

...indeed, much the same way we spanked your lions last week...

I played my college ball in the US. As a 310 lb lineman, I always had the dream of keeping #73 in the CFL.

“and the fat guy goes streaking down the sideline on a fly pattern…”

Well if the Eskimo’s hang on to win I’m probably in the minority that picked them to win in the VGCC. Pure hunch, but they’ve been decent at home in recent years and awful on the road.

yes it does, and I have the same thought every time I see it.

What do you expect vacuum bag Hufanegal probably told them to play that way.

Hey you got a motorised dish setup.

Calgarys playing like the Grey Cup was last week.

say what??

are you seriously dissing JH???

Maybe I should call him a golf bag

...maybe you should learn your history and shut your yap...

Pfft… DirecTV. Which I got for the slew of RSN’s that USED to carry CFL.

Burke Dales must of went to the Duncan Donuts school of crap kicking..... he has no business playing pro football.