STAMPEDERS vs ESKIMOS gametime update

Apparently the Eskimos have asked to move the game to Sunday. So it is probably up to the Stampeders.

If the Stamps were good enough to move the game it would great.

People who comment that it's CFL time not NHL, you are just fools. It's actually NHL time not CFL time.

NHL canadian teams try to avoid games at home during grey cup, for obvious reasons.

Edmonton Oilers are more important in June game 6 than the Esks vs Stamps 1st game.

If they don't move it, TSN will get poor ratings.

im an oilers and eskie fan but shit w.e i will jsut be flipping back and forth

do u really need to make a new thread each time u want to add an 'update'...which isnt even much of an update.

why cant u just put it in your other threads which are the same topic?

this is now your 3rd thread about the same thing.