Stampeders vs Blue Bombers

Should be interesting to see Winnipegs D contain Henry Burris, thus Calgarys D will have their hands full with Buck Pierce.

Not with the way he's been playing. :lol: I picked Calgary in the VGCC, so I'll be forced to cheer for them. Eww. :frowning:

...we get Rambo back at WR, and Tsoumpas back in the trenches, and Malik Jackson returns to the D, so I"m feeling good about our team strength....but Winnipeg has a pretty solid D as well, has for years, and this is no cake-walk for either team...looking forward to it...

I also picked Calgary to win in Dave’s pool too, but it’s all good if Winnipeg wins as well. I just want Buck to stay healthy.

This game will say a lot about Winnipeg.. should be fun

I think if Winnipeg is to pull it out, the game will have to be a low scoring game in which they cause Calgary to turn the ball over a bunch.

Obviously I think Calgary is the much stronger team, and I don't think the Bombers are going to win a shoot out, but a win isn't impossible.

The Bombers can put up points on this defense, trust me!

I'm glad Calgary has some big names returning, I want a tough test to see where this team is at. Hopefully Edwards can play a whole game, we'll need him. I predicted this will be our best game offensively, so we'll see......

It's not all on Pierce. He's had some bad drops by receivers.

This is the Stamps second game in a row on the road. Anyone know what their record during the past few years is for that situation?

I was just getting in some early trash talk. :smiley:

today is garbage day here.

you should see all the wpg fans sitting by the curb, in the rain. heh heh.

I didnt put my wife and in-laws out tho. They still have their uses :cowboy:

Speaking of garbage......You just worry about not going 0-3 to start the season.....

I went back the past 4 years on back to back road games for Calgary. The look of things; it happens three times per season. Your Question about the Stamps in back to back matches on the road is: W-11, L-13 *Last weeks win in B.C. is not included.

Bombers D will be swarming...Can't let Henry get into a rythym...that's when he's best...So we have our work cut-out


...Buck has to have a big game offensively....So far the offence has played sporadically...That has to change tonight :wink: ...Should be a good one

Is that the record for just the second game of the back to back games or for both games. From just looking at last season, they were 0-2 in the back half when they won the first game and 1-0 when they lost the first game. A quick glance at the 2009 results shows the same pattern.

I see Odell Wilis sees an easier task stopping Reynolds than Boyd, sees Boyd as a more aggressive runner. Should be interesting tonight. :thup:

"Reynolds is easy pickings"

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In fairness I can't remember the last time Reynolds has had a big game against us. Just checked the past 3 years and he averages under 50 yards a game.
Now if you are going to say stuff like that though, you better back it up!
Does JR get over 50 yards today? :cowboy:

My above results are for all games. I see what you are getting at now though Blue Blood; Stamps are 4-7 in the back end.

Someone needs to go stick a sheet of bounty on Milt's head....LOL !

Shultzie said it best!!

The Bummer D has not really been tested