Great Game for Dinwiddie the new bomber QB. Congratulations bomber fans.

...ah, you gotta give it to the BBs, they earned it...Dinwiddie (sorry about the spelling before) played like a veteran, great calm of mind, great leading of his team...the BBs deserved this win, no doubt, deserved this win...

Looked like a heck of a game by both teams! Just a great game. No shame to the Stamps for losing a tough one.

The year of the spectacular catch continues!

What a game, what an ending, what a CFL season!!

I wasn't really cheering for either team but I guess it's good for the league (you know, the parity thing) and good for the Riders (Calgary being a western club) so I'll take it.

Excellent game, yet another classic in a year full of them.
A new QB in Bomber land. What's up with Roberts, he looks done.

I think teams should be able to run out the clock like they can in that other league :wink:

Calgary would have won otherwise.

Great game if you don't throw in the lack of field goals by Serna, it would have looked worse with the extra 6 points on the board.
As for Sir Charles, he's one crack from blowing off the big ones. you saw that on the screen that every Stamps fan thinks is a fumble.. He'll heat up and get ALL the gears going!
Ryan had a game didn't he, let's see what he does after the rest of the league sees him after a while.

Nice Game Bummers, finally got the Monkey off your back...

Just got home from the game, that game was WILD!! Props to the crowd for showing up i couldnt even leave my cheap seats for awesome seats :frowning: PROPS to the Ryan Dinwiddie for coming through, and last but not least props to the Bombers, they needed it :slight_smile:

...This is a much needed win...and the start of a career in the Peg of Ryan Dinwiddie...remember the name....cuz this is where the turn-around for the BigBlue begins....Ricky who????Henry who???? Printers who????? and most of all Glenn who????450 yds against a top team in this league....look out we're back GoBombers....heh heh... :thup: :rockin:

Man the atmosphere was just crazy in those last 3 minutes tonight, deafening at times.

Bombers took way too many stupid penalties and it almost cost them.

No gloating for 05 this week. :wink:

Wow, words cannot describe the atmosphere within the last 3-5 minutes of that game. indescribable. speechless.

Romby Bryant = The perfect replacement for Milt Stegall.

How the hell are they going to juggle all these good recievers around when Stegall comes back?

Stegall, Armstrong, Edwards, Bryant, Franklin, Johnson???

Will be interesting to see.

I feel really bad for Glen...... Berry and staff let Dinwiddie throw the ball deep more times in one game then they let Glen throw it deep in 4 games.... This is unless Dinwidee ignored the coaching staffs wishes of throwing 7 yards passes that are a couple yards short of first downs... cause that's what Glen always did and the last time I checked the QBs are not calling their own plays.
The only way I can see how Glen never got screwed is if Berry draws up plays where the primary reciever sits about 3 yards short of first down yardage...whereas the secondary reciever is 40 yards down field... Thus Dinwiddie was simply throwing to his secondary reciever more often.
Furthermore... since when does Doug Berry gamble from his own forty1!!!
He never did that with Glen behind centre.... Why start now with Dinwiddie....STRANGE.

A conspiracy to cut Glenn and his salary :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's my take:

  1. Glenn lacks confidence to throw the long ball into tight coverage right now. Dinwiddie had nothing to lose by taking shots but Glenn played it safe because he has been burned by going for broke before.

  2. The o-line was a lot stronger tonight than previously.

  3. The receivers raised their level of play and actually held onto the ball for the most part.

  4. In spite of last year's success, Kevin Glenn is not a "great" quarterback. He is solid and has moments of greatness but does not seem to lift others games. In the CFL to be a great QB, you need to be able to either take control of games yourself (i.e. Ricky Ray when he is hot) or get others to raise their games to a higher level (i.e. Dave Dickenson when he was with BC). Glenn does not really have either of those even though he is an excellent athlete and solid player. If surrounded by a solid team like last year, he will look great but open some holes and he seems to lose confidence.

Just my perspective. Feel free to shred it. :slight_smile:

Ok I know there were a couple more shmoes than redwhite2005 but I dug up his previous post as he made fun of the lions beating a winless bombers

"LOL well the Stamps have won two out of three games. the Lions have won one out of three, Which is the better team after three games. Your team beat a winless Bomber team you should pound your chest and be proud LOL. The fact is your team is second last. You must be proud. Of course we would hassle you had the Lions lost to the Bombers. Why wouldn't we? The difference would be I actually feel sorry for the bombers had the Lions lost I would be laughing at you.
But to boast your team had a great performance against a win less team must be very important to you. I sure like Winky (dirt bag Wally) when he gets nervous. He must not have much confidence in his team this year or was the light effecting his eyes."

Your team LOST to a winless Bombers team. How sweet is this justice 05? huh? Karma baby! As you would have laughed had the lions lost, this is me laughing at you! lolz. Hows that taste? Glorious on my end wewt!

Is it Glen that doesn't throw the Ball deep or is it the play calling of Berry and staff that didn't let him throw it down field.... Like I said earlier... last time I checked... Neither Glen or Dinwiddie call their own plays.

Watching the Bomber games, they usually have someone going deep or fairly deep. Seems Dinwiddie was willing to take the shots while Glenn tended to check down to his second or third read.

Of course, having your receivers make grabs like the Bomber guys did in the last few minutes sure does help.

Thank you very much... good post... However is the primary reciever usually the deep one... or is the primary reciever the safe bet... I played running back in high I have very little knowledge of the Xs and Os of the QB position.

From when I played (many many years ago and never professionally) the deep receiver was usually a decoy (4th option) or the #1 but never options 2 or 3. But that was a long long time ago.