It's hard to tell if Winnipeg is playing well offensively, or if Calgary is just reverting to it's defensive self from the Eskimo game. Obviously they are playing well defensively, and keeping Burris off the field which is huge.

...bullcrap on the fumble...there is no evidence to overrule the call on the field...that is crap...


...said again...bullcrap...not enough evidence....too close to call so the refs play favourites...bullcrap...

...granted, my team has played like bullcrap so far and the 'peg hasn't but c'mon, do the words 'conclusive evidence' mean anything to Proulx?...

now now RandW, thats no reason to spam the forums with the same word 3 times. I think you need a hug. It was just the Bomber's turn to have a ref's decision go their way. Every team will get a break some time or other.

Great concentration by Lewis!

A big TD-sized hug shoulda put ya back into a good mood.

Pretty good game so far

im gonna be tired at work tomorrow....i cant turn away from this game.

Horrible missed tackle on the Lewis TD. Incredible play by Lewis so full credit to him, but geez, the Bomber guy almost crossed his arms in front of him while trying to bump Lewis down. Looking for the highlight play.

Oh, and a phenomenal grab on the next drive by the Bombers. Wow.

Serna doesn't seem to have a FG in him beyond the 40 tonight.

I was incorrect.

I think all those missed field goals are going to end up haunting the bombers.

..appreciate the luvin K, just feels kinda icky coming from an EE fan (lol)...

you have to like this if your Calgary, considering that Serna has been unreliable tonight outside of 40.

Crazy TD pass to Bryant!

flashes of the EE game all over. Winnipeg plays well all game long, leads the entire time, gives up a late heartbreaking TD that looks to seal the loss and then Calgary sends their cheerleaders out to play D by mistake.

B O M B E R S !

I only caught the end of the 4th quarter but YAY!

Nice to 'em win one!

Sorry RandW, better luck next game.