Looks like the Bombers are well prepared for Burris and Co. It's still early.

whats with winnipeg and crappy kickers?

do they ever get a guy who can make the kicks they SHOULD make?

should be up 6-0 right now.

...the horseys are playing crap ball...big heads...took the BBs WAY too light...figures, they always do this every year, away game against a below .500 opponent they play like idiots...

…m’kay, if Browner is going to have his hands full with Armstrong CAN NO OTHER STAMPEDER DB COVER BRYANT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!..guess not, fire them all, let Browner cover the entire backfield and put 11 guys on the line AND AT LEAST PUT SOME FRICKING PASS RUSH ON DINWIDDIE…


dinwiddie looks sharp does bryant.

bye bye k.glenn.

…the stamp D s.u.c.k.s…the 'peg is making you guys look like you did a tour of the Duff Beer factory this afternoon…

Hey look, if you commit pass interference enough times, even a CFL ref will call one!

...TD Lewis...A for Effort, A for Results....tell you D now to follow suit...

Yeah, that was a great effort to get that ball across. Maybe it'll act as a spark?

Bombers look like the team with the Stamps record right now. Not sure what's wrong with Calgary but they do not look good at all.

Not to mention the score should be a hell of a lot worse.

…momentum change in effect…stand by for further instructions…

...aaaaaa, maybe not...

...gotta agree, Dinwiddie looks very confident...he has shown great poise in the pocket and is reading the pass coverage very well...the 'peg D came out with a firey vengence, just like I predicted....can they keep it up?...remains to be seen...

...if HUF has shown one thing this season he has shown that he can make half time adjustments that are meaningful and produce results.... know, at first I agreed with your assessment here T, but seeing the battle between Armstrong and Browner as it progresses I'm changing my mind...they are agressive players, and each is shoving and clutching and grabbing equally now...I'm glad the refs are letting them fight it man wins...

Refs are calling a great game so far, kudos to them.

Winnipeg looks relieved not to be playing the white and orange this week, especially on offence. I'm seeing more success this half than they had in the entire two games against the Lions. Game's definitely not over, though.

Yes Im sure all the bombers are thinking about right now is that they are not playing the lions :roll:

For the most part I agree with this part of your post. Calgary has looked better than the Lions so I'm not quite sure why the Bombers would be relieved.

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...the thread is about:




...where do you see ANYTHING relevant about BC in here?...I'll tell you homer, NO WHERE...wait for you own friggin game to come on...holey moley...

BC has how many wins against teams with a win?


im cheering for the bombers but have the stamps by 8+ on my proline ticket.

hard not to like dinwiddie