Could be a shootout at McGill.

start off with a feild goal and a good drive I take it

Yay Montreal

same old booris

w00t w00t! ALS 10-0
gettin my proline ticket off to a good start!

It’s Don King! lol

i come into the room and i hear this announcer, and im thinkin ' this guy sounds like don king.could be a good fotball voice'..and it WAS don king..haha

he should stick around.

im really liking the als this year...i know i dont have a fav team, but usually theres 2 or 3 teams im NOT fond of ( which change year 2 year )....the als usually one of those 3, but this year they are very entertaining....i am removing them from my 'not so keen' list and replacing them with winnipeg.

RedandWhite is gonna be unhappy, it was Bannister letting Jamal Richardson get to the endzone this time...

Whats with these dumb penalties for CGY? Too many men? time count? Coach Huffnagel is gonna be kicking some people after this game...

Calgary is playing awful, Burris being Burris, stupid penalties, giving up big plays....

But only down 7 at the half.

2nd half will be interesting

Calgarys hanging in there Im looking for Montreal to run away with it in the second half.


Well, that's an interesting start to the second half... 17 - 17!

ouch...that finger looked MESSED up

2008, the year of the gruesome football injuries.

Definitely didn't need to see the replay of that. :lol:

damn..ruined my proline ticket that fast....i was orn between an als win or a tie, but either way i lost, so...whatever.

theres always next

good game right down to the wire!

Good game, nice half time adjustments by the Stamps. Buris is still a dumby though.

...I only saw the second half, heard most of the first half on the radio...

....was a good game played on both sides...Calvillo is a gladiator 'cause that finger was simply gross...the Calgary O played like a unit as well and Huf was very confident in time management and play calling...

....good game Als, see you later over this'a way...