Stampeders' Tommie Campbell arrested

I have an uncle who is a retired long time cop.
He told me 95 % found not guilty are in fact guilty.

It is what it is .

The reason the Stamps are contenders year after year, is that Huff and staff are great at finding restart and replacement talent.

If they had lost Campbell over this, they would have found someone just as good.

No problem, no biggie.

Me thinks your uncle is a bit bias due to his vocation.

Campbell was an all-star as a first year player and beat out a very good vet for the job. Sorry, but "no biggie" and finding someone just as good can happen but is unlikely out of camp. He is a very good player.

I don't really care if he is a good player or not.

If the charges were dropped and if the Stamps are satisfied all I'm saying is he deserves the right to come back and compete.

The fact that some rush to judgment and someone has an old retired cop as an uncle is inconsequential.


Also I would rather a guilty person go free than an innocent person get the railroad to the slam.

Guilty or innocent. Only Tommy Campbell knows.

If in fact he is innocent and was just " at the wrong place - wrong time " hope he knows he got lucky and stays away from whatever situation lead him there. ( keep your nose clean kid )

In the meantime Jaimie, try not to bruise yourself falling off your high horse.

I will give my counter point to this ...

Many years ago, My friend's father was going to marry a new lady (he was a widower). Her daughter did not like the idea of her mother remarrying and with a friend made up a "story" about him touching the two of them ...

The papers ran it as front page news ...

His employer immediately fired him ....

and the police laid charges right away ...

After a few weeks, the daughter realized what she had done was wrong and how much impact it had on his life (and that of her mother). She and the friend confessed their lie.

The papers wrote a retraction - close to the back of the paper ...

His employer settled a wrongful dismissal case, but wouldn't hire him back (included a "no fault" agreement, so that they did not have to acknowledge they were wrong to dismiss him) ...

And the police dropped all charges ...

The stigma of that accusation followed him for about a year and he could not find work within his field. he finally ended up committing suicide, because he could not get away from the accusation.

A police officer (current or former) is a poor point of reference. Their job is to assume guilt until proven innocent, but that is not how our justice system (court system) is supposed to work.

Innocent until proven guilty!

Just my opinion!


YIKES, that is a horrible thing to have happen.
Life ruined.

Not sure if this is still the case, but in the UK authorities do not release names to the media or public until the accused is found guilty in court.

Gotta wonder if that would be a good idea or not here.
Depends on the situation I guess.

Most certainly. To think that 95% of those found not guilty are really guilty is asinine and inane. It reeks of arrogance and is extremely naive at the very least.

The guy was at his mothers home,went bolting out the back door of said home when cops arrived, dropped his backpack containing 180 g of coke while trying to jump the fence. Wrong place wrong time??????? Someone else's drugs??????????? I dunno, I think I'm going with the illegal search and seizure defense that has him coming back . BTW I love it. Will be brilliant watching Glenn and Roosevelt tear him up like a piece of crack wrap in the West final. :wink:

I doubt the Stumps will be in the game..... :cowboy:

Eyes open. I get it now.

Just like the guy who shot Mylan Hicks.
I will assume the guy who shot him did not shoot him.
He just picked up the gun after someone else shot him.
Hope the poor guy gets off. Just do not want an innocent man going to prison.

There is a big difference between a drug deal and gun murder.

People choose to buy drugs, but nobody chooses to get shot.

Principle is the same. NOT GUILTY until proven in the courts .

I hope for Campbell's sake this humiliation and a threat of long prison sets him to change activity or the people he hangs out with. He got lucky.

Some folk just don't understand and probably never will.

And some have zero honour, will never admit they're wrong, will confidently make assumptions based on spurious "facts" gleaned from the opinions of others, will repeat the opinions of others as if they are their own, and are willing to assume someone is guilty, even when the the charges are dropped, based on their perceived economic status, or race.

I so agree. We're talking about the exact same ppull......

YES, the RACE card has now been played.

I was wondering when somebody would bring that up and why it took so long .

We can all agree there is no place on this forum for racism.

The card that's been played that is most despicable is the self righteous self appointed advisors who think they know everything and will never accept the possibility that they may be wrong, heck they don't even admit being wrong when it's shown they were.

Reminds me of some losers on another site once who were trying to tell me when and how I can and should fill up my vehicles with

Social Justice Warriors who have no clue about anything other then their own inflated sense of self worth. LOL