Stampeders' Tommie Campbell arrested

Yup...I hate that people thing that teams need to judge when their place is simply to react to outcomes. There are rare instances where it is painfully obvious...go nuts and release...otherwise do nothing until you see results. Image is an issue...but so is standing by your employees.

There are lots of possibilities as to why charges have been dropped, ranging from improper seizure to it not being his. Could have been that he was cooperative. Could have been that it was someone else's that was staying there and he knew what was in there and stupidly tried to help the person out by doing a grab and dash. Who knows. Even if it was a Stamps bag, he could have very easily given that swag to someone...players get a lot of that kind of stuff and hand some of it out.

I realize that. I was just trying to say, in a politically correct, disguised way, was that the evidence was there. It was a technicality that got him off, maybe. If indeed it's all lies from the cops, then sue their as s off. It would be worth more $$$$$ than 10 years in the CFL.

Just because he got off prosecution does not mean he is not guilty.

I would still like him to be gone.


I highly doubt it was a lie the bag was there, that does not mean the bag was actually his. It could also be an indication that he helped catch a bigger fish, however he was nothing but preaching innocence. I have my hunch to what went down but it is pure speculation.

He was involved somehow someway.


Must be exhausting...

Being the fan
And prosecutor
And Judge
And jury
And executioner

And all this and you wouldn't know the accused if you tripped over him.

Yes I remember a few years back when a few of our guys got into the bar brawl. I was glad they didn't automatically cut them. It's the same thing here.

Totally agree. There are rare instances it is the right thing to cut ties immediately, but those are just that.....rare.

How do you know that? You have a link? We're not all omniscient so perhaps you can explain to us common folk?


Works both ways.

There are at times the innocent get accused .

Also, there are times the guilty get off.

As I posted earlier, just because he got off does not make him innocent.

There is a difference between :

guilty - evidence has proven.
not guilty - that reasonable doubt issue.
innocent - clear the accused had nothing to do with it.

People get the last 2 confused as though they are the same thing.

Neither does the lack of charges totally vindicate him; there are many ways that can happen, including innocence. Only those "on the inside" of the situation know one way or the other.

But absent charges, he can legally enter Canada and is entitled to be employed by a CFL team.

AND YOU neither bud. No its not exhausting, its fun. Gee,s another one!!

I know. Thanks for confirming what I've been saying.

What about the self righteous who have condemned him without knowing all the facts?

Do self appointed special advisors have a special place on the scum ladder?

...who/what's a 'self appointed special advisor'?

I know you didn't ask me, but I can provide some unique info on that.

Just a hypothetical. There are a some folk who pass judgement without knowing the actual truth. It's a general comment about no one in particular. If someone is a 'self appointed special advisor' they will know it deep/shallow within themselves.

NOTE: I equally confirm those that object to absolving him as none of us know the facts.
Either way, he is legally entitled to play ..... of course so to was Lawrence Philips.