Stampeders' Tommie Campbell arrested


I can't understand why some here think that his actions make the Stamps look bad. This guy is living his own life in the off season. When you go on holidays do you have a chaperone following you around.

The Stamps have no reason to feel as though they have been sullied. Can't baby sit everyone. No reflection on the Calgary organization. Now, what Huff does from here on out will have a bigger effect on the Stampeder organization and how it's viewed.

True, but the Stamps need to step up and cut his ass yesterday.

So, far all we have done is the wishy washy " it is a legal matter we can not comment on "

blah blah blah.

I'm sure once "all" the facts are in and this is settled in the courts Huff will make his decision. I don't believe he's been found guilty of anything yet has he? despite the evidence we've seen on the news.

Yes, then if found guilty, kick him to the curb.

Who really cares what he did in the gud ole Un-tied States Of America, it is not a negative reflection on The Calgary Stampeders (a CANADIAN team). :twisted:

Hold the phone. Not found guilty yet. Anyone could have left that Calgary backpack with Canadian money.

OR Not!!!!!!!!!!!

To set the record straight, no one is saying this is the Stampeders' fault (as an organization). True. They can't babysit their players during the season, 24/7, let alone the off-season. What I am suggesting is the alleged misdeed is serious, so with either a guilty plea, a plea bargain, or if he's found guilty of the charges (and the evidence is certainly damning), it's hard to believe they wouldn't cut ties with the player.

Remember, we're living in an age when an employee can get fired (termination for cause) for yelling "**** her in the *****" into a live mic during a newscast on his own time. I am quite sure that (if true) selling crack cocaine and using a team issued backpack to do so would bring about the same result.

I care. It will be a negative reflection on the Stamps if he is allowed back.
You guys are very diplomatic and I respect your opinions.
However, as a Stamps fan this disgusts me.

The Stamps have always stood for honour, respect and fair play.
Then this idiot dirt bag does this ?

Really, guys get kicked off teams for some silly thing they post on their twitter account. ( Arland Bruce ).
Brandon Banks gets ripped up for a minor infraction.
Nik Lewis was BBQd all over in the media for a silly harmless white glove joke.
Chris Jones does not shake hands , so he gets pasted.

Yet this seems a bit under the radar, with benefit of doubt.
Selling CRACK the most addictive lethal drug out there.

He gets caught red handed. Then again perhaps he was framed by racist cops who just happened to have a carry bag with a Stamp logo on it.

I will not worry much. He is off to jail. Even if he gets probation, he will not be allowed to exit the US or cross the Canadian border.

O.K. You lost me there. :smiley: Do you not remember the stigma of the tamperring, show boating Stamps during the Burris, Nick Lewis, Reynolds era? :wink:

They were just having some fun. I do miss Copeland. :smiley:

However, if you wanted to take aim at me , you could have mentioned Dwight Anderson. ( they got rid of him )

I will admit that J. Cornish made a fool of himself and the Stamps when he had " a situation " in Regina.
No rehash of details, those of you around a few years know what I mean.

I was talking in general terms. There will always be a few bad apples.'s view on the organization should only really be effected by how they happen to respond to the situation. If they do nothing and it is business as usual and he comes back...question marks. If they were to cut ties...understandable. If they were to leave a door open based on completion of some formal classes to try to help the guy...IMO also understandable, though I know not all would agree with that.

viscous circle.

some of these guys don't go home with a lot of cash and don't exactly get great job prospects for a 5-6 month term. Not trying to justify it or make excuses, but it is easy to see how one can fall into doing this type of thing...especially if they grew up around it. Not the first time we have seen such things for sure.

I agree ... IF they let him come back, definitely a negative reflection ... but if they can his drug peddling ass ... who cares! Really, he's gone/history. Another dumb player.

Its kind of weird to read about this in light of what Jim Popp said to his players last summer

I have applied to the Stamps for a special advisor position.

My first order of business will be to offer my advise to dump this garbage.

Real low on the scum ladder. Stay away from my city and team.

Many were quick to jump to conclusions. The man has been cleared of all charges. Guess he will be back this year.


If true, some people on this board have some apologies to post. They should also reexamine their inclination to rush to judgment and ask themselves how, if falsely accused, they would like to be treated by others.

I often read stories about African Americans running from police. That doesn't necessarily mean they are running from justice. At least some of the time they are running from injustice and out of fear for their life. You could ask Oscar Grant or Terence Crutcher what it's like, if they were still alive.

The Stamps made the right choice not to jump to conclusions here and wait for the trial. Everyone deserves a right to trial and shouldn't just be dumped without the team knowing the full story. Good on Huff for standing behind his players.

So true but let's face it, self righteous self appointed special advisors who are that judgemental in the first place think they are never wrong no matter what. They ignore anything that goes against their self importance and are not big enough ppull to admit their mistakes.

They are real low on the scum ladder.

Hmm. So the cops are lying and they didn't pick up the Stamps backpack he dropped with 180 grams of coke in it. Seems like a slander suite against the cops for him if he wishes.