Stampeders to wear black road helmets

i had thought the stamps wore a white helmet at one time. but i cant find a pic of that, so i must be mistaken. maybe cause they used to wear a lot more white on the uni back in the 80's. oh how i wish i could forget the stamps in 80's

Now to unleash the nerd in myself... i like it... reminds me of when spiderman wore the black and white suit...

My guess is they are going to change their name to the Calgary Ruff Riders. That way instead of two teams with the same name, we can have three teams with the same name. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

My biggest issue of the helmets is that if they're going to do it they should change back to there red pants other wise the only red you see in there uniform with the black pants is the shoulderpads and that will look to bland, but I will say if they wear the black helmet with they're altrente (sorry for spelling) uniform (see West-Final 2010) That would look sick

Enough black already. It astounds me over and over and over again how difficult it is to screw up a lovely white horse and a red field. So simple, so great. yet time and time again they slather the kit in hunks of black and ruin it all. Calgary already has the worst unis in the league (even though they should be the easiest to make look nice) and now they have to be the first team in history to have more than 1 regular helmet. A home helmet and a road helmet? Totally lame. in football your helmet is your logo. They now have two full time logos. Now when TSN shows the 8 helmets on the bench they have to show 9 and Calgary gets 2? Totally lame.

ONE helmet please. :stuck_out_tongue:

ugliest in the league? Lions always have the worst. montreal is second. Nothing wrong with having two helmets. maybe they can take the TSN helmet out, and put in the second stamps helmet. Other teams have used different hemets for retro games and such. Its not really as big a deal as people are making it. and so what if no one has done it before. maybe other teams will follow suit.

Not sure I like what the stamps are doing with the black helmets. I am a life long Rider fan, did not like them using black uniforms about 5 or 6 years ago. I thought the heritage day game was interesting when they wore the black uniforms with the red/maroon helmets (their original colors). But I must admit it felt not quite right cheering for them as it did not feel like my Riders as they should be the green and white to me, just as the stamps need to be in the red and white.

But of course this is just MHO.


Personally I'm not a fan of these helmets. Calgary looked great with red helmets, and I saw no reason for a change.

I'd be pretty disapointed if they took out the TSN helmet because Calgary now has two helmets as far as I'm concerned their red helmet is there primary helmet and won't be changed on the bench seen, they didn't change the Rider helmet when they changed from a black facemask to a white facemask...