Stampeders sign WR Jordan Williams-Lambert

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have signed American receiver Jordan Williams-Lambert, the team announced on Wednesday.

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Well, that is quite a change! The Stampeders taking on a Rider player instead of the other way around. So, Dave Dickenson gets even with his brother Craig Dickenson. Craig steals away outstanding DB Sankey, so Dave returns the steal by getting an outstanding Receiver, Williams-Lambert. :grinning: :ok_hand: :+1: :+1:

Not sure outstanding applies at the moment but obviously they saw something they like.

Challenge will be where he fits with Begelton and Jordan locked in.

Excellent player...never healthy! teams trash is the stumps treasure :joy:

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This is a good signing for Stamps. JWL can be top notch caliber in the right situation. He couldn't make it happen is Sask. at the end, but I think he still has the goods to be above average.

Some former Esk Fans (now Elk fans) sure are jealous of the Stampeders just because their team placed last and the fans have to wallow in the basement sludge. Now so jealous that they hire Cheater Jones in desperation who is going to get caught again and embarrass the northern Alberta team when the League has to reign him in again with fines and punishments!

Good signing

I know you're slow but I didn't think this slow. I'm clearly not a Edmonton fan let alone a Jones fan. The stumps could sign OJ Simpson and you'd say beaver boy made a good signing :joy::clown_face:

Agreed. But hey, the exception proves the rule. Don't worry too much about Sankey, as many, many players and coaches have learned, it's not them, it's Huf. When the Stamps lose Huf, then I'll worry.... until then, not.