Monday, May 1, 2006 - 03:45PM

The Calgary Stampeders announced today the free agent signing of defensive backs RoShawn Marshall, Cedrick Williams, J.R. Ruffin and A.K. Keys.

“These defensive backs are all young but very talented,� said Stampeders general manager Jim Barker. “Marshall, Keys and Ruffin are all proven returners. Williams is an excellent cover corner.�

More DB's coming in.

Why post something that is on the front page of the website? Got "Kanga-ism", do you?

I went to post this at another site and posted it here by mistake. Calm down Moses!

‘Calm down’? I was simply curious…perhaps it is you who needs to calm down(!!!) See if you get that…

ha ha ha ya right I know your just stressed about the oilers right!

why would he be stressed? the Oilers are winning 3-2 in the series

and they could end it tonight...

but dont get me wrong I hate the Oilers just as much as the next guy

Hey I do not hate oilers I am cheering for them! I want them to meet the flames!

I hate the Flames too

if the oilers beat detroit.there going to get owned by the flames and my sens are doing awsome any sens fans here?

maybe if the stumps put those 4 DB’s and a good stumps DB(if there’s any) they’ll be able to cover milt

What ever?

Not stressed today!

And BB12, why would they be "owned" by a team needing a game seven to beat a sixth seed?

I dunno… because they’re still just an eight seed team?.. just guessing…