Stampeders @ RoughRiders Aug 19

I’ve got a good feeling about the rematch. I like that Baggs back and Marshalls back.
Maybe some good hard hitting farm football.
Paint a target on BLM, shake the tree and see what happens. Gonna need Big Defensive turn overs if all the Riders show is Possession Football Offense
Wonder how the analysts will read it< Riders at home with something to prove.
Go Riders Go


Not liking that Vaughn is out

You mentioned earlier that the OC is "teasing" and has a couple of "new" longer pass routes.
We could use some more exciting play calling.
Possesion football imo is so boring.....short pass.....dump off in the the ball then repeat. Mmmm.
Go Riders Go

I never said anything about longer, nor shorter, simply different playsets that have been teased with a couple times through the season. I don’t mind possession orientated football.

OK, must of interpreted the post incorrectly, my bad.
Boy just about got excited there for a moment thinking we might see a couple of 'over the top' touchdowns plays tucked away. ;D
See ya at the game.

The Riders in this game looked like a different team. They look tight, explosive and pretty diciplined. ZC was I thought “much better” then his last game in which he was not bad. The plays were way better and of course the defense shut down (for the most part) an extremely talanted Calgary offense.
Always room for improvement but I liked the way the team was team focused.
I was impressed, and the Palace energy was tremendous

For sure they looked solid, in all phases of the game. That defence is fantastic! Watching from home, it sure seemed the fans also played a significant role…very loud…all game!

Yeah, the D didn't give up a lot outside of Marshall getting burned a couple times....they never really started giving up a pile of yards until that last 3rd of the game, when they were more than happy to let the Stamps chew up the clock underneath...even if they scored.

I thought the O could have punched a couple in, but they were in a position there was no need to push things and potentially force a big mistake

kudos to the O-Line whom in my opinion played there best game this season.

Not to bad for a team that has a terrible O line, no Canadian depth, a bad GM , disfunctional locker room and as some have put it, a dumpster fire. Just think how good this team could be if they corrected all these problems. Oh ya did I mention a over paid quarter back who’s best days are behind him.

No, but how do you really feel ?!! lol
Go Riders Go.

It’s like he wants to be banned

Really good game. Really LOUD. Zack looked in control, not scrambling for his life and throwing it away when he had to. This speaks a lot to the O-Line play and the receivers blocking when they had to.

Too bad the Duron experiment did not pay off. Did not like the initial signing, but grew to like him and I was a little shocked when he was let go. :o But, there must be some very good reasons why they let him go - and no other team has signed him yet. ::slight_smile:

Really, really happy to see Bagg back. He received a standing ovation in my section when they flashed him on the big screen. His leadership on the offense was missed. ;D

Now let’s go get a W in BC. Go Riders.

I’m hoping to see Cam Marshall soon also. I know Mason is a good blocker but he seems to lack that little spurt to break free that Marshall and Thigpen have.

Yes it was loud!
I said it right after the game and I’ll say it again…I was impressed. The Riders played as a team, not a bunch of super stars or ONE superstar, but as a team with all players shining!
IMO, it was the best game the Riders played “as a team” so far this season where everyone was equal and committed!
If they continue with that energy we’ll beat BC>
Go Riders GO

My post was meant to be sarcasm. I was just repeating what others had been saying about the Riders. The Riders are proving them wrong. Go Riders.

…cheater’s blood tests have returned from the lab, it’s green…


And that’s the trouble with social media…ya can’t see the eyes! 8)
Thumps up.

What is the commissioner’s first name?

Do you think BLM has lost his confidence against the Riders now? Man, Charleston looked like he was messing with the Bovine’s confidence after the second sack.