Stampeders release WR Josh Huff

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have released American receiver Josh Huff.

In 19 career regular-season games with Calgary, the 30-year-old Houston native had 74 catches for 998 yards and one touchdown.

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I think Ambles is weaker than Huff but none of this is a surprise to me. This was the weakest receiving core in the CFL.

You do realize you now will be inundated with two angry stamps fans telling how their team is destined to go to the Grey Cup and handily win it and that no team in the history of the world has been or will be better than this years stampeders

Nope. Those two only participate in Rider Topics. Never have 2 headspaces been so owned by something. The jealousy just oozes from them.

Huff and Ambles have similar stats in completion percentage and yards per catch but Ambles had more targets, yards, and touchdowns. I also wonder which players are not vaccinated since that could affect playoff availability. Teams might be making decisions around personnel based on that as well.

This is a surprise. Stamps67 has an interesting take with COVID and vaccines. The unvaxed have some restrictions in the playoffs on getting on the roster when traveling and it looks like the Stamps will be traveling with the Riders win last night and another Rider-Elk game next week. Very interesting move! Huff will be in the CFL somewhere next year. He is a good player.

Nope didn't realize that! Never even seen that posted by anyone either! But since you brought up the topic do you really think the Riders have a chance to get by the Bombers in their quest to participate in this year's GC in Hamilton? The odds on that happening is about 5% at best! (and that is generous) The only reason you bash the Stamps is because you are extremely jealous of the Stamps record the past decade. 1St in the Western division since 2010 = 6 times , Riders =1.How many times in that time period has Riders been in the basement? Answer =3 times. Stamps never! How many times the Stamps in the GC game last decade ANSWER =5, Riders = 1 Both teams have been in the CFL approx same length of time. Stamps # Grey cups = 8 . Riders # Grey Cups -= 4. HA!HA! HA! Not much to brag about , eh?

Interesting thought, makes perfect sense...Huff though was not playing at the level he did in 19...BLM accuracy this year could make any reciever look bad...whats up with Bo?

I do not think ANY TEAM will best the Bombers...

Stampeders are Chokers - end of story.

I think there is more to this story than what meets the eye. Why would Huff be released as opposed to putting him on the practice roster in case of an injury to the starters? If you recall he was a healthy scratch a few weeks back and Dickenson kind of swept it under the rug when asked about it.

I've really enjoyed watching Huff and am sad to see him go, but I don't think it's performance-based. There is something else going on behind the scenes or Huff would be on the PR.

He'll likely end up with the Mighty Schmoes just to bug me.

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Other than the fact Sask. has won the West 19 times to Calgary's 17, you're right, not much to brag about.