with Calgarys offence finaly looking like its getting on track next weeks Western showdown between Calgary and B.C. is looking better by the second i still think its going to be a hard one for the stamps to win but their
chances had to go up after yesterdays schooling of the riders.

who will win?

There is no way we are losing against home?...hell no!

If Calgary can come out and play with the intensity they had against Sask then it should be a close game. I'd still put my money on BC though. Sorry.

Calgarys Offensive co-ordinator should stick to his last strategy and keep Buris mobile and have him throw on the run. He's surprisingly accurate on the run.

you almost did last year! i was there, you needed to convert a 3rd and 23 to win and you did.

I hope the Lions lay a whipping on the Stamps! Sure the stamps played well vs the Riders but the Riders are missing 8 starters. Do that to Calgary and the game is at least closer. Anyways that's the past. BC is healthy, Dickenson is looking OK and the Lions should have no trouble extending their undefeated streak!
31-19 BC

I don't thing Lion fans have anything to be too confident about. The Lions have won, that's just fact, but they haven't been doing it in convicing fashion.

Stamps will win if they played the way they played against the Riders. Lions, for some reason, has trouble with the Stamps. Also, if the Lions don't get their **** together, it could be a long night for the Lions.

I pick the Lions to win (a little bias), but I think this game could go either way. Depends what Lions' team is gonna show up. I'm not expecting the Lions to go undefeated so I wouldn't be disappointed if the Stamps were the ones to end their winning streak.

I hope its a good close game but i hope the stamps win.

I’m thinking that maybe a Lions’ loss will wake their sorry a$$e$ up!!!

I just might go to this game it should be very interesting.

From what I hear, the Lions O-Line was weak again. Calgary's "D" is the toughest BC has had to face. Could be the clincher, especially if Burris is still clicking with the recievers and Reynolds runs like he did Saturday night. Joffrey's drive to open the 2nd half was unbelievable.

The Lions o-line was weak in yesterdays game but they were missing Bobby Singh due to suspension by the league. Even so , they looked not bad run blocking for Warren vs the TiCats.

Although Calgary looks good recently, this upcoming game reminds me of Edmonton versus Ottawa and we know how that one turned out. There is a myth that Calgary has BC's number, but Calgary actually losted 5 of 6 previous meetings. Risky to bet on end of BC 10 games home winning streak.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!...HECK AND HELL NO!!!
I dont believe this...liobacker...

Hey ree,

Better now than later. Don't get me wrong, I want the Lions to win but it's just a feeling.

Yeah, I'll be picking BC in Big Dave's pool, but there are a few things that concern me.

(1) Offensive line. Yes Buono made a comment about Dickenson holding the ball too long, but all year it's been a problem.
(2) BC has a tendancy to take the lower teams for granted. (See Hamilton game!)
(3) Calgary always plays them tough.
(4) Saskatchewans running game gave BC fits last year. If Calgary can continue running the ball with Joffery Reynolds, it will make an interesting night.

This game wont be a blow out! I'll be picking BC...maybe by a field goal or 5 points.

I am going out on a limb and predicting A Calgary win..why? BC is due and they havent been all that impressive... but.... the bottom line is they win games.
I agree if milin Bank plays anywhere near his potential and Reynolds churns out another good game they certainly have the potential.

I'm not predicting the outcome but here are five positive signs for Calgary:

  1. Stampeder offensive co-ordinator Steve Buratto would love to stick it to his old team, just as Burris did to the Rders last week, and he should know the Lions' weaknesses after being head coach before Buono and OC under him.
  2. Burris has had good success against B.C. on the road as a Rider (didn't win, but he can't be blamed for Saskatchewan's pass defence last year).
  3. B.C.'s defence looked vulnerable against the run in Hamilton, after being No. 1 in that category last year. Reynolds could find some running room.
  4. Calgary's linebackers made life rough for the Lions' offensive line and quarterbacks last year. The O-line looks no better this year.
  5. I'll be out of town and won't be able to cheer the Lions on.

Kiss the undefeated streak goodbye.

..........yeah, wondered how long it would be for a riderprider to sneak this excuse in........tries hiding it in a totally non-related post.........geez D88, we're all-seeing all-knowing, concealment is futile...........

.........I just hope calgary doesn't allow major head growth as the week goes on, if the coachs can keep this horsepower reined in we might be in the proper head space to play the Lions in thier own Den........I'm not predicting anything for a few more days........I'm sure Buono will have his troops preparing as usual this week...........should be a good game...........