Stampeders Injury Report: Sindani sits out Monday

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders have shared their first injury report of the week, ahead of their game on Friday against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Dang! The Stamps Defensive backs are really taking a hit with the injuries this year. Nearly 50% are injured! Dickenson has to play rotational assignments with these young guys.

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Your GM’s are the best when it comes to fielding capable replacements. The rest of us have been taking notes and are steadily improving. Our very own Kyle Walters has graduated Summa cum laude from the Hufnagel Finding Talent Under Rocks Academy.

If Jackson Jeffcoat was listed as full practice Tue & Wed how are we to believe he is Questionable? I bet he will be playing ! These injury reports are just BS for all teams. Trying to throw off the opposition. Might as well stop publishing them.

Winnipeg always lists players as questionable & they play. Anytime I see them as “Q” I expect them to be on the field.

Is Moxley playing or not?!
I demand to know why the Stamps are cheating by not letting us fans know!