stampeders hosting west-semis?

I currently live in Vancouver and will be in Calgary that weekend visiting some friends who have tickets for the game. What is the situation for them actually hosting the game? Do they have to beat edmonton this weekend as well as BC winning their game?

Someone please help/correct me if im wrong

Edmonton wins and BC loses -- Edmonton gets bye. Cal@BC semi-finals

Edmonton wins and BC wins -- BC gets bye. Cal@Edm semi-finals

Caglary wins and BC wins -- BC gets bye. Edm@Cal semi-finals


that abou the way the cookie crumbles.

Yup, you've got it spot-on. I'm not sure when tickets go on sale for the game in Calgary, if it happens. I don't think Edmonton's selling tickets to their game until it's been confirmed, ie, until November 7th. All I know is I've already reserved my seat for a potential Calgary home game (the benefits of season tickets!)

All Stamps have to do is win and they host west semi finals regardless of what happens in Lions/Riders game.

........Tickets for the 'potential' Nov. 13th game here in Cowtown are already on sale, Season Ticket holders had until Oct 31 to secure their seat (Got mine, YAY!) then they went to the GenPublic for sale.......I understand you can buy them already but if this weekend's tilts say the WSF goes to Edmonton or BC then you'll be refunded what you paid........