Stampeders host Roughriders in third meeting

CALGARY — In the conclusion of their three-game series, the Saskatchewan Roughriders travel to Calgary to take on the Stampeders on Saturday night.

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Looks like Duke Williams and Shaq Evans are starting (right on). Also have speedy Reshard Davis making his debut.

No excuses this time, right? You gotta be sweatin bullets already...

The Riders have been the most injured team in the league. Starting to get healthy at the right time though still missing half our secondary.

We will get Garrett Marino back soon and Mike Edem should be back for playoffs.

Gotta be the best at something, hey? :laughing:

Will be laughing when ZC takes a shot and ends up on his annual 6 game injury list.

Oh, I know you would be! Is that you're santa wish list?

More like inevitable

I never laugh at injured players. That's just me.