Stampeders' Grey Cup win proves Creehan has got to go

Calgary's defense did not get enough credit this year, and it was their defence, especially with the second half adjustments, that won them the 96th Grey Cup.

Jamel Richardson looked unstoppable in the first half, but was shut down in the second.

Cobourne was a non-factor. The D-line got in Calvillo's face and passing lanes.

And throughout this entire display I couldn't help but be constantly reminded of just how bad the Calgary D was last year under Creehan and that he's still not been let go by the Cats.

You can change a lot in one year.

Creehan's defense in Hamilton in 2008:
Yds allowed - 8th
Pts allowed - 7th
TDs allowed - 7th

Creehan's defense in Calgary in 2007:
Yds allowed - 7th
Pts allowed - 8th
TDs allowed - 8th

Jones' defense in Calgary in 2008 Gey Cup champions:
Yds allowed - 2nd
Pts allowed - 1st
TDs allowed - 1st

What a difference a year and a co-ordinator makes.

Montreal got 13 points in the first half, and only single point (that they were not supposed to get off a punt) in the second half. Richardson and Cahoon had many receiving yards in the 1st half (Richardson actually had over 100 at halftime) but not that many in the second half. It did seem that the right adjustments were made at the half by Calgary.

Calgary's defence has done well this year, and has done well when it mattered the most. Not just in the 2nd half of the Grey Cup, but also in the WDF game as they did not allow BC into the end zone. Coaching can make a difference and that is something we have seen from both the Ticats and Stamps.

And those numbers Kirk posted are interesting.

Are there many here who think Creehan should continue to be our DC?

Well maybe now the Grey cup is over will Find out Richie Hall is our new DC.
I am sure the Announcements will be Coming soon on who will be new to the Ticats Coaching staff .

The only reason that I decided to visit this forum was to start this type of thread, but I am happy to see that someone beat me to it, and I am not the only one who feels this way.
My feeling that Creehan had to go, grew throughout the season, but really culminated when Calgary came to town and I learned that the Calgary Stampeder players really disliked playing for Creehan in 2007. The amazing turnaround for the Stampeder defence, including their 2nd half performance in the Grey Cup are just icing on the cake in cementing my opinion. It is clear that Denny Creehan is not a coach that players enjoy playing for. It is clear that Zeke Moreno shares this opinion. Please Obie, we are counting on you to let Denny go, and find us a new DC.

Having said all of that, any new DC is going to need to rely on a D-Line being able to generate a pass rush . . . our defence in both 2006 & 2007 had other problems besides poor choices for Defensive Co-Ordinators. Which is to say, "Obie you've got a lot of work to do . . . ".

Creehan is absolutely BRUTAL!! I will be very unhappy if he remains on the coaching staff.

It's amazing how critical the Coordinators are to a football team. Comparing Creehan's Calgary numbers from last year to his results with us this year should result in his dismissal. Richie Hall would look good on our sideline next year.

Quote please?

In fairness to Creehan a comparison is only apt if the same athletes and coaching staff were there with Creehan as this year.
Huffnagel streamlined the entire operation that previously was a mess under Higgins and Labinjo is a monster which frankly changes the entire equation. Neither advantage Creehan had in Cal.

That may well be true, Zontar, but do you think it's a conincidence that the team he "coached" last year was dead last in those categories and the team he "coached" this year is now?? I think the figures CK pointed out speak for themselves.

A coach of a last place defense certainly has a price to pay but in a fair world if I were a coach I would like to be given some actual talent to work with, especially on the D-line, first before i was judged. But pro sports isnt fair.

All moot anyway even if Creehan had a so-so year MB is going to bringing in as many of his own guys as possible and he and Creehan have no real history together.

The lack of talent falls at the feet of O'Billovich, so I do sympathize with Creehan there. The problem is that he didn't seem to be able to make adjustments and our D looked completely lost at times. The only improvements made were in the secondary. That's not good enough. If possible, our D is worse this year than it was last. That is totally NOT acceptable at this point.

Hopefully the people MB brings in will be a lot more successful than those we have now.

It is NOT only the coaches that matter, but also the coaching decisions (all up the line). For example, how many here would wish 'Derek Anderson' back with the Cats? Who said he wasn't coachable?
How many really good D/B have we lost to other Teams (Jason Gauss, Anderson ) come to mind....

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Pssst. His name is Dwight and while I was a big fan of Dwight, I think (as CK said) I’d stick with what we have. We need talented, disciplined players. Did I say that the coaches are the only thing that matter?? No, but we’ve had a revolving door of players in here and (as many would have us believe) O’Billovich must be bringing in top notch players due to his scouting and football knowlege. IF that’s true and we still have no success, you have to look to the coaches.

I'd be very surprised if TillMan lets Hall go, especially to us.

Yeah, got to agree with bg here. Of course it's not only the coaches, and I also really think Obie has done a good job with our defensive talent level at LB and DBs. The D-line is obviously still a work in progress. I think our athletes are better than the blown coverages we see week after week. I'm convinced it's the schemes we're running.

I have watched tons of TSN video the last fews days. In one of them two previous CFL players made comment on why Charlie TAFFE did not do well after having won two coach of the year awards in Montreal. The common theme was because he did not surround himself with good co-ordinators. And that is when CREEHAN was mentioned.

Here is the link

Yeah, what a great player.

Interesting stat: Calgary was 5th in sacks both this year under Jones' defence and 5th under Creehan's defence last year.

However, in 2007 they had 46 sacks and this year, with Labinjo, they had 33 sacks, but both years they were ranked 5th in total sacks.

Meanwhile in Hamilton both years we were ranked last for total sacks with a 2007 total of 32 dropping to 26 in 2008. Make of that what you will.

Funny how that ranking for sacks didn't change but the others like total yards, total point and TDs given up go from one extreme to the other. Not sure what to make of that, and I'm not so sure that the entire equation was changed with Labinjo's presence.

In 2007, the Stamps gave up 2184 yards rushing. In 2008, they gave up 1614. Labinjo may deserve some of the credit for that. In any case, the tradeoff of running yards versus sacks suggests a change in defensive philosophy.

Not just Labinjo it was him, Huffnagel's obvious expertise, and 6 other defensive starters that werent there under Creehan (Hughes, Hodges, Rasheed, Anderson, Smith, Ruffin)

Again a Creehan comparison is only accurate if both 07 and 08 rosters and coaching staff were the same. In fact they were quite diff. and obviously superior than what Creehan had to work with.