Stampeders extend QB Jake Maier through 2024

CALGARY β€” The Calgary Stampeders announce they have signed quarterback Jake Maier to a contract extension through the 2024 season.

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The Stamps have historically excelled at finding the next man up at the QB position so this looks like it will continue that trend.

The where Bo-Levi ends up next (cough cough Argos) question will loom larger moving forward


Agreed. I think this means that this is Bo’s last season in Calgary for sure. If I were a Stampeder fan I would view signing Maier as a positive.


Bye bye Bo...and hey, Montreal is beautiful this off-season.
You should check it out. ( bring a pen).

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Wishful thinking, I know.

Hamilton Tiger Cats most likely, however they may also go after Cody Fajardo. If I had my choice of the 2,I am a Bo fan btw, but would take Fajardo. Cody may stay in Sask, but Maas and Cody not a good fit. Riders winning Grey Cup, or being in Grey Cup might change this.

Riders may go with Jake D in 2023 if they can keep him sober. Yes am pulling for Jake , not perfect myself

Argo owners don't have best interest of team at heart. They may have even purchased team with hope of folding Argos to kind of get them out of way. Argos may win Grey Cup, why would they cut McBeth?

But yes suppose Pinball could sell them on Bo or Fajardo. Yes Cody a Argo once but they never let him play QB, he only ran, but for handful of passes

Big ole congratulations to Jake and that Red western team. If Bo Go to Ottawa he can still wear red.

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Bo will be in double blue !

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Shhhh. Don't bring up the Argos, Bobo already hate them without this.

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@bobo82 has nothing on my despise for the argghhblows
It's in my DNA passed down from generations


Brush, rinse, spit'em out, repeat. One thing you can't knock the Stamps about is the consistency with their aging QBs. When it's time to move on, just spit'em out and flush them down the drain.

Their your neighbors, why do Hamiltonians hate Toron'toes so bad?

I generally find that Hamilton only likes Hamilton and Hamilton players.

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Simply for the chaos of it, I would love to see Bo in Green and gold. Labour Day would be that much more intense!

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No team finds quality quarterbacks like Stamps.

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imo that is the only scenario i can see Bo remaining in the CFL.

Bo should just retire as a player and try to stay on as quarterback coach (or some kind of assistant coach position). He has a family and lives in Calgary during the off season, so has established roots in Calgary. Uprooting your family to chase a backup player position on some other team doesn't sound like a great idea IMO.

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does Bo live in Calgary year round or does he and family go to Texas in off season?

The team that could use Bo Levi Mitchell the most is just up the highway in Edmonton.
The Eskimos need a better Quarterback than Taylor Cornelius if they want to progress and actually ever win a game at Commonwealth stadium.
And no, I didn't make a mistake calling them Eskimos. The only mistake was renaming them "Elks".