Stampeders defeat REDBLACKS for first win of 2023

OTTAWA — The Calgary Stampeders secured their first win of 2023 on Thursday night as they defeated the Ottawa REDBLACKS 26-15 at TD Place.

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weird how there have been no game topics generated. i asked the CFL office about this but still no reply yet.

This year there were no predictions for final standings in the West or East either.

I wonder if that is directly related to the CFL GameZone Preseason Futures contest where you were asked to pick who would be at the top of the East and West divisions. Maybe the CFL didn’t want to influence anyone in any way.

I’m guessing that was part of the old live stats system that they’re replacing. At least we’re not gettting so many duplicates to delete this year. So far.

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I don’t know how much that would influence anybody. Thing is whenever you get on these “contests” you get heavily influenced by past results. Betting sites pretty much regurgitate last year’s standings. Of course teams don’t end up in the same place every year. There’s always some movement year to year. Same with weekly predictions. In week one who did everyone pick? Except for the Ottawa game the team who finished higher last year & that was before we found out Masoli wasn’t playing.

That’s why I don’t get into these things. Again this week the picks are the teams with zeros in the loss column or in the case of Cal/Ott, the team with the healthy 1st string QB. Predictable. So I don’t see how the CFL could influence anyone. Pick last year’s winners to finish near the top &, of course, likely overrate your own favourite.

Ottawa playing at home was worst than I expected. They are impersonating the Elks. Masoli’s health is deeply worrisome, his injury from early last season is still keeping him out. What if he is not good for this year??