Stampeders cut RB Walters

The Calgary Stampeders announced that they have cut ties with Running back Walters.


mind boggling.

They give a reason? Could be a nice pick up for someone.

Seriously, does this somehow come as a shock to you?

The guy was a healthy scratch for games last season.

Jerome Messam factor being the main reason and maybe they will pick up another Canadian somewhere in the draft .

Walter was slated to earn ~ $100K in 2016 & according to source, had upcoming roster bonus due.

....Could be a stumbling block for another team trying to sign him...I think he'll have to re-negotiate, especially if the bonus is a large sum..

The salary and roster bonus are meaningless now to whoever signs him. Those things went in the garbage with his contract. Any new team proposes their own new contract offer.

...right Taleback , new contract and possibly bonus...but the team successfully signing him would have to come up with something close, and depending on what he and his agent think are close, might have to resemble what he was getting....just my guess...He's still a valued asset to any team due to his passport and his versatility.. I'm leaning towards Walters signing Walter but not at an exorbitant amount... :roll:

Didn't Winnipeg sign two Canadian RB's from the Lions already unless they really need insurance . If he is a special team performer maybe they would consider him at that position .

The reasons given is that they have better Canadians in other positions to be able to no need a canadian at backup RB. They also felt he would not be able to unseat the guy slated for the job. The back up was their top rookie Troy Harrison whom will be competing at camp at running back. Matt Walters is a good guy a good team guy but they felt they were better to go a different direction.

Depends on how many teams are seriously interested. The teams restructuring contracts (apparently not just the Als) may limit what teams feel they have to offer.