Stampeders at Roughriders, 6:30mtn,


this game.. sigh.

may the Riders find a way to squeak this one out. Although I really have a hard time believing they'll make much of a noise.

...I picked the riders in the VGCC...the green orcs of mordor HAVE to be up for this one, the stamps beat them at home a couple of weeks ago (winning two in your barn, well that would be history-making I'm sure), they got clipped by a zero and five team last week, there has to be some heart at this point, play-for-pride, team-only meeting this afternoon, all that stuff...

....if the riders lose tonight, the season could very well be done for them, confidence would be non-existant, but I think they win and breathe a little more life into what is left of the 2011 race to the GC...

I agree.

Cflisthebest has a history of not picking the riders when he thinks they are down and then jumping right back on the wagon when they are up.

I' don't know if it is the green blood in me but I have a pretty darn good feeling about this one.

I picked Calgary in the VGCC, so they'd better not get it together. :x

I’m with you on this one Billy. I also agree with R&W that this game is a defining moment for the Riders this season and if they can’t summon up the wherewithall to win this one there will not be many pleasant moments(except for when they get rid of Doug Berry) in Riderville this season.

...let's say, hypothetically, the riders lose tonight (by a rouge or creamed, does it really matter?)...what happens in a day or two?...someone has to pay, is it Marshall? or Berry? or Hall? or all three? does Miller step back in?

I think it would be Berry - his relationship with Durant is shaky to say the least. Miller would most likely step in as OC - a position he held here under Kent Austin. Marshall will be given the benefit of the doubt being a rookie HC. That's just my guess on how things may play out. In my ideal world Richie Hall would not have been brought back but the brain trust here bows at his feet for some reason but I for one do not like his loosey-goosey defensive strategies. So I think RH's job is safe for the time being unless we get creamed point-wise tonight so the point spread may actually mean something in the long run.

I agree. Berry goes. I still don't understand why Sask hired him. The only thing dumber was when they hired Daley after Edmonton fired him.

And then we go hire RH back after Edmonton fired him.


Picked up some Keith’s earlier. Gonna make tacos for the game. :thup:

The last game could have went either way, so it won't be a blow out. All the new players brought into camp won't be playing but the veterans know they are playing for their jobs. Should be a good game. 8)

I could have sworn this game started at 6:30mtn??

Same here. :lol:

but you aren't "Holding On" damn near every post you make is that we suck and that Calgary is going to smoke us.

I want them to win! but when do I EVER get what I want? (tomorrow night yes, but that's not football.. :wink: )

come on Riders..

because based on what I'm seeing, it's difficult to really believe it.

What a START!!


Yup, Riders.will get killed in this one IMHO. :smiley:

Stone hands Reynolds.

No matter, perfect toss to Arthur for the early lead.