Stampeders at Lions Game Thread, Fri Nov 8, 10 pm et

Friday, Novermber 8
Stampeders at Lions
10PM ET / 7PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Calgary looks to be in rest-up mode, particularly re Jon Cornish and his concussion issue. As for BC, there is a question of getting some momentum for whatever locale the Leos find themselves next week.

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Of course, today is November 7. My apologies for the brain cramping above.

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I think the Stamps will win this one but BC is certainly in it and should keep it close. Ex-Ticats McDaniel and Charbonneau back from injury and making plays - McD with the TD for Calgary. They've traded interceptions - latest by Bennett and Calgary is in the red zone again and a DPI on in the end zone could end up on the 1 yd line pending the result of BC's challenge that there WAS not DPI. 3 minute warning and it is 10-6 Calgary with another major or at least Fg likely coming up

Muniz (sp?) (3rd stringer for the Stamps) pushes it in for the 2nd major of the night with time wining down in the half, 17-6 Stamps.

Leos respond with a big TD scoring play from Arcneaux but Stamps are righ back at them witha third TD strike - this one ot Rogers, Mitchell in the game too in place of the starter Tate, 24-14 Stamps.

This is the final Friday Night Football (soon to be early Saturday am in the east) game of the season. Where did it go?

Indoor games tonight - weather games tomorrow - although I'm not sure what the weather will be like in Regina.

Logan with a huge return off the Stamps punt gives the Leos the best scoring opportunity since the half but they settle for a FG. 24-16 Stamps.

Not as much big offensive play and scoring in the 2nd half - more an exchange of FGs. Stamps with 3, BC with one
As the final seconds wind down Final score (barring some huge play by the Leos) 33-14 Stamps!