Stampeders are the best team .........

In the history of the CFL. If you don't believe it, just ask them. Be sure not to watch them however, as you will die laughing at their unwarranted arrogance. They are also undefeated this year. If you don't believe it, just ask them. Don't look at the standings however, as you will see them in last place rather in first where an undefeated team would be. So best you just listen to them and you will have no problem agreeing with this post.

Wow (credit FYB)

LOL coherent as ever I see. Spit it out man what are you saying . You think the Stamps are the greatest team in the CFL. If you did good for you. Otherwise I have no idea what the heck you are trying to say. If this was yoour second post what was the first one? Without looking I would be your a rider fan LOL.

I think he should change his name to Tall Tales

I guess you can interpret what they say any way you want, Taleback, but I don't hear them saying that at all. I hear them saying they can play better football, and I fully expect them to give the Riders all they can handle tomorrow at Taylor Field.

...I can't wait for the next post, in what?, four to five weeks....I knew dial-up was slow but this is ridiculous....

comprehension cleanup in aisle 4....comprehension cleanup in aisle 4 :roll: :lol:

Taleback, I don't think anyone is making the claim that the Stamps are the best team this year or any year in recent memory. They haven't been the best for a while now.

Where do you come up with this stuff?


You must be a walmart greeter you do that well.

Why would you credit him? Mind you this guy does post like FYB.

I thought B.C. was in the basement? His credibility was just shot to hell. :lol:

and the beat goes on..and the beat goes on..

comprehension pouring down the drain...

and the beat goes on.... fly-by right there...

It can be that slow when you use to old cans and a string as your primary phone line…


What are you suggesting?

Am I supposed to beleive that some people have something better??

No way, not buying it. uh uh

Next you be telling us that something preposterous like how we can change the tv station from our couch, or send letters through the air. Sheesh, you must really think some of us are quite gullible

although, it would be easier to beleive than stamps fans thinking they are the best :twisted:

Nice bit of trolling FYB no wonder your fellow fans dislike you I can see why. By the way bad comedy routine .


now you done gone and hurt my feelings

you take that big meeny

Um I think you mean "meany"

Seems they let a lot of teams score a lot of points on them... but if you're drinking and you have one each time, then maybe they are the best!!!