Stampeders @Alouettes-2019-10-05

Where is Jeremiah Johnson??

Ok there he is!!

Command centre apparently reads minds … Bray was hit in the helmet by a defender leading with his helmet … they will never get rid of the cheap shots they want eliminated if they keep assessing “intent”.

Geezz this is one ugly game!!

Horrible pass = injured RB

Its either too high, if he was trying for the completion without putting Stanback in a vulnerable position … OR … too low if he was throwing it away.


EDIT: Thankfully not “injured” but it sure hurt like heck

Gotta win the ugly ones sometimes.

Als are pressing hard … is Calgary’s OL THAT good or do they have immunity from holding?

God damn 3rd and 1!!

Why didn’t we take the FG and make it a 4 point lead??

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Why can’t they make a yard when it counts?

We need Tanner Marsh!

If a horse collar tackle is out of bounds should it be TWO penalties?

Bowman doesnt care about any turnover.

Defense is beastly today

Occurs to me that a short-snap wildcat to Sutton wouldn’t be the worst idea

With Schiltz as holder it could be a fake

GREAT kickoff … GREAT coverage

Oh cmon no penalty

It is a 50/50 review IMO … at regular speed “c’est pas evident” … we shall see


needed slo-mo to think that … should be full speed review