Stampeders @Alouettes-2019-10-05

AGREED … But the defence’s tackling is sloppy on the “response” drive by Stamps and Tevin Floyd off to the locker room.

Are we gonna wait till the 3rd quarter to adjust again? This isnt Strevler we could be in for a poopshow.

Lokombo misread the play, went for INT instead of receiver and gave the Stamps 65+ yards … THAT is when Als miss Ackie or Loffler back there


… and per RDS gone for the game

Looked like Washington MAY have been pushed into Adams&DL in a tangle on the ground … if so, dirty-is play

NOPE … replay shows he just backed into it

Are u effing serious man

Could we see the passing yards record be broken today? Mitchell looks like hes jesus at quarterback

Mitchell’s the best QB in the league, and he’s showing it. He’s shredding our D.

(1) I always thought Jesus was more of RB/WR with the walking on water … although I guess the dividing of the loaves is like sharing the distribution of the ball

(2) With the time he is getting a lot of QBs would be looking good.

ARMS ! ! ! ! !
USE YOUR ARMS to tackle ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


There was not a snowflakes chance in HECK they were going for it on 3rd down … thankfully Bede came through

Great play by Levels to strip the ball

LUCKY that brain fart didn’t turn a Pick Six

Totally agree ! They always going for the big hit but they don’t use there arms enough

BVM given all kinds of time. Cmon cardiac kids!!


They are just killing us with 2nd down conversions.

For once the big hits pay off … two turnovers and two, two and outs … yikes … you only get so many breaks