Stampeders @Alouettes-2019-10-05

What makes a good baseball stadium is usually the opposite of a Football stadium. They figured they had that covered at the Big O with sliding stands, just made it terrible for both.

Montreal & the Big O. Were not unique in this.
That 70s Stadium trend was those big concrete cirlular stadiums for baseball & Football.
They were everywhere in most cities that had pro Baseball & Football teams.
Terrible time for the fan experience.
Skydome was the same in Canada.
In the US. toooooo many to mention

All well and good, but you still have to win some of your remaining games. You finish the season losing, say, four in a row, because you’re preparing for the playoffs, and the team itself will be demoralized. I still have no idea if they’re installing new things on offense or defense but I hope they are, of course.

As for the latest returner du jour, it seems pretty evident by now that blocking is the problem, not the returner himself. Either Donovan needs to go out and get new ST bodies in the offseason, or he himself needs to go.

Agreed. I don’t recall a season when we burned through so many different returners. It used to be that we had one and rode him all season. . . Ezra Landry, Winston October, et. al.

So yes it’s the blocking schemes that seem to be the problem, so I’d also agree that we could benefit from a new ST coordinator next season.

Thats where i think Khari Jones is doing a great job.
He is still playing to win every game.
He has his starters in. But doesnt have to rush guys back from injury.
So the guys that are filling in for starters may have different skill sets so he is able to play to their strenghts while sticking to the base philosophy & game plan.
Wen Loffler went down for the season. Lokombo moved to safety from Olb position for 3-4 defense packages.
Now that Ackies been out for 3 or 4 games. He culda moved Loko back to his Natural WILLLB position with several Canadian Safeties to fill at safety. Instead he kept working Loko at S & filled the WillLb with other potential players

Great post HfxTC, as there is really no point in wearing Stanback or Johnson down over the last five games of the season. Its called “Load Management”, and is probably the biggest reason the Raptors won an NBA title last season with Kawhi Leonard only playing in 60 of 82 regular season games.

Even VAs one game suspension could work in our favor, as it gave him an extra week to get healthier, and gave Shiltz some much needed playing time, just in case we need him later on. I would hate to see us wear Stanback down needlessly with no real chance of catching Hamilton. I’m cool with us hosting Edmonton in the ESF. Do I want to see us finish strong ?, of course I do, but not at the expense of overworking our starters at any position. Why have the benefit of expanding our roster if it doesn’t work to our advantage ?. Having the luxury of resting our starters over the last five games works to any teams advantage.

I agree that the “Als are probably in the best situation of any team in the league to get ready for the post season”. I think we’ve already done the heavy lifting. Who really expected us to lock down a playoff spot with five weeks to go in the season ?. Kudos to Khari and his entire staff, and Big Ups to all the players for the turnaround.

So while I’d love to see us go 10-8, 9-9 is realistic and very much unexpected at the start of the season. Our staff has done a remarkable job, but kudos to both Steinhauer and Craig Dickensen as well, both have been outstanding too, I’m just saying… giving credit where its due.

I truly believe we have a squad capable of winning three in a row come playoff time… provided everyone is healthy. Regardless of what happens, I’ve really enjoyed this season, all the games have been fun and entertaining to watch. Thats all I really expect from sports is FUN and ENTERTAINMENT. I’ve had the luxury of both playing and coaching this game on a fairly high level, so I can really respect and appreciate the job ALL these men have done in trying circumstances.

Btw, I just spent a couple weeks in L.A., San Diego and Las Vegas… heard some really positive news on the sale of the team. You do the math.

(1) Agree
(2) Upteenth … GREAT word
(3) IMO, key is defence not letting the Stamps jump ahead by 17 or more (i.e., three scores including two majors)

Exactly … Don’t know that there is room non the site, but the best I could see is building the football stadium so one side is back-to-back with one side of the baseball stadium … that way as much as possible of the basic “infrastructure” (e.g., plumbing and electrical for locker rooms, food prep, washrooms, etc.) is shared … even the “public area”, allowing for food service and washrooms on both sides.

Matthews a healthy scratch?

Chris Matthews is on 1 game injured list.


Zac Wilkinson has been the designated healthy scratch this year. Nine times listed on the depth chart without ever dressing for a game.

QB Vernon Adams (from suspended)
KR Mario Alford (from Practice Roster)

QB Hugo Richard (to Practice Roster)
WR Chris Matthews (to 1-game Injured List)

From Game Notes:

Creating Explosive Pass Plays: The three QBs in 2019 that have passed for 30+ yard gains more than any other are Vernon Adams Jr., Mike Reilly and Cody Fajardo. Their frequency of doing so is what stands out compared to all other QBs. Adams Jr. has also completed more throws of 20+ yards or more downfield than other QB with 32.

Passer Atts 30+ Yds 1 Every ...
Vernon Adams Jr. 317 21 15.1 atts
Mike Reilly 433 21 20.6 atts
Cody Fajardo 351 16 21.9 atts
All others 2871 105 27.3 atts

  • Calgary has won just one of their last 5 visits to Montreal, that victory coming last year by just a 12-6 margin.

  • Calgary comes in on their longest win streak of the season at 4 games. They have built a 4-game win streak in each of the last 10 years.

  • Montreal is on a run of very close games lately. Each of their last 3 games has been decided by 2 points or less (1-2).

Calgary vs the CFL Since 2014:
Rk Team W L Pct
#1 Montréal 5 6 .455
#2 Winnipeg 4 9 .308
#3 Edmonton 4 12 .250

-Montréal can become the ONLY club at .500 or better vs Calgary over the last 5 years with a win this week at Molson Stadium.

September 2019 - Most Explosive Plays (Offence):
Rk Team Tot 20+R 30+P
#1 Montréal 15 5 10
#2 BC 13 4 9
#9 Calgary 4 2 2

-Montréal led the CFL in September in creating 15 "big plays" on Offence, Calgary ranked #9 in the CFL with just 4.

-Mitchell All-Time QB Win % / vs Montreal: After a 13-5 record in 2018 and now 5-1 in 2019, Bo Levi Mitchell's career winning % is up 70 74-16-2 .815. He is slated to make his 93rd career QB start this week and his 9th vs Montreal (6-2). Mitchell has fewer wins as a starter and TD passes (12) vs Montreal than any other opponent.

Career QB Win Pct. Years GS W L T Pct
Bo Levi Mitchell 2012-19 92 74 16 2 .815
Doug Flutie 1990-97 126 94 32 0 .746
Dave Dickenson 1997-08 76 54 21 1 .717
Warren Moon 1978-83 59 41 17 1 .703
Tom Wilkinson 1967-81 118 79 33 6 .695
Jeff Garcia 1994-98 61 42 19 0 .689
Roy Dewalt 1980-88 99 67 30 2 .687

  • 48 CGY Passes last week: This total was the most made by the Stamps in their last 46 games back to Jul 14/17 (34-of-50 atts).

  • Montreal Deep (20+ depth) Passing: The Als lead the CFL with 35 completions on deep throws in 85 attempts (11 went for TDs).

  • Vernon Adams Jr. is slated to return at starting QB for Montreal. Adams Jr. is 2-0 vs Calgary as a starter.

  • Montréal QB Starters Since 2016 - With Vernon Adams 10-4 .714; With All 8 Other Starting QBs 13-40 .245

  • Montréal has now scored first in 9 of their 13 games thus far but are just 5-4 in those games.

  • John Bowman (133) passed Vince Goldsmith previously (130.5) for #6 all-time. He is now 2 back of Joe Montford who has 135 at #5.

  • John Bowman's total of 227 games played is now in the Top 50 in CFL history, tied at #48 with Jude St. John and Randy Srochenski. (Bowman passed Nik Lewis last week at 226)

  • Calgary Turnovers - In their 9 Wins: 13 (+15) In Their 4 Losses: 10 (-1)

  • Dave Dickenson 50-15-2 .761 - Holds the #2 all-time winning % as a head coach behind only Frank Ivy at .781 (50-14).

  • Rene Paredes is the only qualifying CFL kicker without a C-1 convert miss this season. He is now up to 28 C-1 makes in a row.

  • Boris Bede is now up to 10 consecutive FG made.

  • Derek Wiggan had no Sacks in the first 9 games but since then in 4 games he has had all 4 of his QB Sacks.

  • Will Stanback leads the CFL by far with 12 rushes of 20+. That is already one more than the 2018 leader Andrew Harris who had 11.

  • Cory Greenwood leads the CFL with 79 Tackles (corrected total) but missed the last game vs Toronto.

They should absolutely play every game to win, they are selling themselves to their “new” fans and they want to be confident bunch for the playoff but they have some flexibility, the can give bowman a couple of days off practice every week, they don’t need 23 carries from their best player on offense or rush back players who are hurt.
You tell Adams, throw the ball away, don’t take the hit, you don’t need to. They aren’t in a life or death situation every day.

They have five weeks to prepare for their home playoff opponent, that will be Edmonton with Harris at QB. So you can start allocating some resources to scouting and planning for that game now.

As a general principle, I agree with you, and you make some good points here. I just don’t feel that you can’t switch on intensity or play habits like a light switch. You spend five weeks telling Adams to throw the ball away instead of getting hit, you’re building that habit into his physical and mental routine, which means in the playoffs, he’ll have to work to shake that habit off, when the game DOES matter. And that won’t be easy.

Back in the Trestman and Matthews eras, we saw what happened when the team got to coast into the postseason, after securing a playoff spot (and usually first place) long before. It didn’t always translate into playoff success, and those were much stronger teams than the one we have today.

Anyhow, after thinking about it, I agree that keeping Stanback healthy for the postseason is important. I hope Khari can strike the right balance between resting/protecting key players and staying sharp and keeping that hungry-to-win mentality.

This is gonna be a tough game! Calgary is rising, and BLM is back.

Hoping to see better and more consistent play from the defence. Have just about given up on the return team! We’ll see how the new returner does.

If the Als can get 15+ yards on ST returns, it will be a plus.

I agree with you D/P.
Five weeks is a long time to play conservative.

Depending how the game(s) go from here on out, consider using Shilz at points late in the game.

Rotate Stanback and Johnson as well.

Total or on average? LOL

Give him 8 to 10 touches, give the other 10 to Jeremiah and maybe keep him a few guys out of the last couple games. The last game of the season I think is against Hamilton I would error on the side of prudence, keep Adams and Stanback out.

Nice opening drive!