Stampeders @Alouettes-2019-10-05

It’s been rather quiet so far this week regarding this Saturday’s game.

We don’t know if Chris Ackie has been practising and if he’s expected to play on Saturday. I presume that we will have to wait longer.


It has also been quiet on the forum. It has been a while since Sheldon posted. Hope all is fine! :slight_smile:

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Elsewhere defensively, end Antonio Simmons returned to practice but the Als will continue making due without outside linebacker Chris Ackie, who will miss his third game with a hip flexor.

And defensive-back Jarnor Jones will remain in the secondary indefinitely while Ciante Evans recuperates from his fractured hand.

Chris Ackie will miss his fourth game not third; hence,he’s been on 1 game injured list since week 14, game against Saskatchewan.


Although Montreal would Love to have Ackie in the lineup vs the stamps.
& Foote has taken some time to develop. He is now becoming a huge difference maker at the right time. On the DL rotation.

Montreal is basically sitting in a position now where they arent going to catch Hamilton to top seed in the East.
As well, Toronto nor Ottawa arent going to catch Montreal for 2nd seed and a home cross over game.

But the way Khari Jones is handling it is perfect.
He is still playing to win thats no doubt.
With the injuries to guys like Ackie & now Ciante Evans. As well as VA missing game last week to BC.
He doesnt need to rush anyone back off of IR.
But he gets to give players time and a look at positions where guys are out.
With the rest of the starters.

Very unique situation. & something for sure Montreal was even thinking about way back in TC

Will be a very tough game to win, even at home, which is why those close losses (like the ones in BC and SSK) hurt so much.

What I hope is that the team cuts out the self-inflicted wounds: fumbles, big plays given up, interceptions, etc. I’d also like more balance with the run game. Khari seems to have forgotten that he has a stud running back who can grind out tough yards, eat up clock, and tire out enemy defenses while giving the QB more space in the intermediate game (as teams load up the box to stop the run).

When September rolls around, it’s Notre Dame time for me! They’re doing well so far.

The Als are in tough this weekend, but I think they can pull it off. As always, execution is the key.

Best of luck Als. Now, back to the weekly Brian Kelly show.

Quiet for us, but not quiet on some other team forums, which are practically ghost towns. We’ve got a good thing going here in Als land! :smiley:

A team is only as good as its posters (LOL).

Love reading all of you guys.

I will say it for the umpteenth time this season: Run. Off. Tackle! Runs inside are great and necessary, but you have to attack the perimeter or you’re making the enemy defense’s job easy, by telling them they don’t have to defend certain areas of the field on the ground. With Stanback and Johnson both healthy, and Adams back in the lineup, there is no reason not to terrorize other teams’ with the read-option stretching the defense horizontally and vertically. Exhaust those defensive linemen, make them play sideline to sideline, get them with their hands on their hips as you grind out successive first downs. This is how we had success early in the season, and controlled the clock. Nothing demoralizes and wears down a defense like running all over them. Nothing. It’s the best way to break their spirit over sixty minutes.

Khari Jones HC/OC/GM/QB coach. Went out early in the season and added some key pieces.
At Times he has gotten away from the run. As well with adding several key pieces on the fly Hence some of those self inflicted wounds at times.
The Good thing they have 5 games left in the regular season to clean that up.
Knowing that they are gona finish 2nd in the east and have that home game east semi crossover home game.
Then short travel from Montreal to Hamilton for East final.

Im with you on that.
Now Stanback is still a yung RB so he is still learning to bounce stuff outside or find a hole off tackle. Which is fine. He is a bull .
That first half against the Bombers as many of us have talked about. Was to get VA running Rpo bootlegs to get the edge. As well roll VA out where he can either run or pass after reading the LBs
He seamingly spent the whole game as a pocket passer only.
J. Johnson is more of an off tackle RB. They are now able to get both him and Standback on the roster at the same time as a 1-2 punch at RB.
Like I said they have 5 games left to figure out a balance between the 3 in the game plan.

Yeah, it's definitely a big improvement on where the team has been the past few years. It's just frustrating to see us drop those very winnable games, only to be faced with a pair of tough games (Calgary at home, Winnipeg on the road) at a time of year when momentum is as important as the scoreboard. Sometime in the next month, I want to see a clear-cut, decisive win. Not a last-second heart-attack-inducing win, but a full sixty-minute effort, in all three phases. That's when I'll know the team has really turned a corner.

Good points. Keeping Vernon in the pocket is taking a weapon out of our arsenal. Attack all areas of the field (3 zones x 3 depths = 9 areas) and you stop enemy defenses from loading up certain areas and almost guarantee that either a receiver will be open somewhere or a running back (or Vernon!) will have open field to carry the rock. We have a multidimensional athlete like Adams running our offense, we have to take advantage of that. He can make plays with his arm and his feet.

Well looking around the CFL most teams including Montreal the consensus is that they are all a year away from winning a GC.
It looked like it was gona be The Bombers year. Then Nichols goes down for the season so now its gona be a tuff hull with 2nd yr QB Strevler.
Now everyone is high on Hamilton. But like every team losing a guy like Masoli has got to make an impact. Even tho Dane Evans has played great. There running game has been depleted worse.

So everyone is looking at Calgary again. Ya. A different type season for Calgary still battling for the top spot this time a year. Opposed to having top spot in the West in hand already.
But having the only top rate QB in BLM. It does have merrit. Cause Reilly & BC are done. & everyone else has lost their #1.
So now we are down to the final 3rd of the season. Last 5 or 6 games.
Imo its Wide open. Among the 6 remaining.
Game on !

I think Jones is playing it really well with Stanback. Will is coming back from an injury and the Als don’t get a by for what could amount to 12 straight games or so (Richard will correct me I’m sure)

Jones played his career in Winnipeg, he knows cold-weather football better than most and how important it will be to have fresh healthy running backs in late October and November.

Jones is in a great spot. There is no point trying to catch Hamilton and by being smart has no chance of getting caught by Ottawa or Toronto. So this is the time to build new things in the playbook and not show them, teach skills, heal guys. Als are probably in the best situation of any team in the league to get ready for the post season.

Ive said the same thing.
I will tell ya one thing. Im pulling for Montreal to win the GC.

Mathieu Boulay says the Als are considering handing the return duties to Mario Alford (who signed 2 weeks ago). If that does not happen, the team will continue with the combination of Quan Bray, Jeremiah Johnson and Greg Reid against the Stamps.

I see Stephen Bronfman is talking about building a 34,000 seat baseball stadium and possibly having the Als play there.

Any chance the stadium actually gets built? And if the answer is yes, would the Als actually move there considering that playing football is probably an afterthought in the stadium design?

Well as we said the Als do have the luxury to try a few different things to tweek it a bit.
But honestly. Adding an American to be just a return specialist with very little CFL experience isnt worth that philosophy.
Returners by commitee. With Bray on punts & starting Rec.
Johnson on KO as part of the scheme at RB.
Dont waste a spot on the roster.