Stampeders #1 West??

With Calgary only 2 points ahead of both BC & Sask. how do they rate #1 already?
Each team has one game left....could there not possibly be a three way tie in the WEST??

Because Calgary already has the season series against both teams. So the tie breaker formulas go the Stamps way even if all 3 teams wind up tied in points. Also BC has the season series with Sask, so they need to lose and Sask win this coming weekend if the Riders want a home semi-final game.

Thats right Corky :rockin:

#1 :cowboy:

Thanks guy....was not sure on that! Just checked back on schedule and found Calgary won first two games against BC...had forgot! I knew they had won 2 of 3 with Sask. I didn't want to win the Grey Cup ....under false pretense!!! Stamps all the way!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

I firmly stand behind my theory that if the Roughriders had not had all these injuries during the season, they'd still be first place!!

Corky pick up the newspaper it will tell you they have clinched 1st place by beating the Tigercats.

Not again tissue any one.

Never ceases to amaze me.

Yes Calgary is number one, but the only thing that matters when it is all set and done is which team has what it takes to win the Grey Cup. If that team is Calgary, then I will congradulate them at the end of the season. It's a whole new season come playoff time and everyone is 0 and 0 going in. Should be an exciting couple of weeks good luck to all teams.

Thanks GreenandWhite and your absolutley correct but there are advantages to being number 1 less games and more time to prepare and heal up.

Also more time to grow cold… :wink:

LOL I just hope the team that comes into Calgary thinks that way too.

I agree. I hate the bye weeks. Too much time off. The bye teams don't seem to be as heated up as the other teams who had to battle the previous weekend.

But good luck to the Stamps. I'll be pulling for them to represent the West.

The bye has never given any advantage to the first placd team. If you look at how many first place teams went to the Grey Cup after they started with the bye week, it’s only about 50%. Hopefully the Stamps will be totally rested and prepared for this game and not letting any rust settle in on the week off. :wink:
Anyway, it doesn’t matter, Sask. or BC, the semi winner will have to come into McMahon so I give the edge to the Stamps. Should be a great game to watch. :rockin:

Coulda Woulda Shoulda, it's irellavant in the end. The reality is they are not in first, so unless you have a time machine to replay the season to verify your theory, it is about as good as my theory that if I had picked the correct 6/49 numbers last week or anytime during the season, I would not be worrying too much really who was in first place! :wink:

I never had much issue with Rider fans until after the first game they played here in Calgary. All I heard after that game was "SIX AND OH" and it was like they won the cup again after six games into the season. After that ridiculous display you can forget saying you are Canada's team this year. I'll be pulling for the Eastern side whomever it is if the Riders make it that far, especially if it's the Bombers (my old home town)!

stampsrock I was at a Calgary game a couple of times and the Rider fans were outnumbered but were still as loud if not louder than the stamp players. Calgary is like a home game for the Riders and they are always interesting and fun to go to.

yes green and white those couple of hundred rider fans are loud. Thanks Ted Hellard, Forzani group etc for the great year now the new season begins.