Stampeder stabbed at concert!

Not good news

Stampeder in hospital
Was stabbed at KISS concert
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Teyo Johnson will miss Sunday's playoff game after he was stabbed on Thursday night. (Sun Media/Stuart Dryden)

Two days before a playoff game, Calgary Stampeders fullback Teyo Johnson is in hospital recovering from knife wounds.

According to head coach John Hufnagel, Johnson sustained the injuries while out at a concert Thursday night.

Hufnagel spoke with the second-year Stampeder Friday morning and revealed the news to the media after practice.

“I’m a little bit sketchy about the details but what I know is he was a concert, he received a knife wound and spent the night in hospital,? said Hufnagel, whose Stampeders face the Eskimos Sunday afternoon in the West semifinal at McMahon Stadium.

“He is very doubtful obviously for the football game.

“The wound is not serious. It didn’t hit any vital organs. That’s what I know.

“Right now, we’re concerned about Teyo but it did sound positive that he will have a quick recovery

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Wow, that's bad ... for both Teyo (obviously) and the Stamps ... he's a good player!

(I'm assuming it was the Kiss concert...)

Pretty ridiculous that you can't go to a concert without getting knifed... :roll: Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Like the guys at the office are saying, I don't think you'd expect to get stabbed at a KISS concert...

Is that for real.. thats crazy.. wow.. hope he is OK.

nice going chief!


but on a serious note.. that sucks.. hopefully it wasn't due to who he is, and is a poor coincidence! :frowning:

Hey, I want the Stamps to lose this Sunday, but I wouldn't sink this low... :lol:

Teyo Johnson’s a big dude. Why anyone’s messing with him is beyond me. Hopefully he recovers soon.

It's much easier with a knife.

It is hard to believe someone got stabbed at a KISS concert. There are four-year-old children walking around at those concerts (at least the one here in Winnipeg.) Hope Teyo recovers quickly.

…I didn’t hear it myself, my son did, but it wasn’t at the KISS concert, it was a DJ Dance type thing…

I see the CBC has a story saying that he was at the DJ Tiesto concert in the Big Four building on the Stampede Grounds and he was stabbed in the lower back.

The initial reports did have him at the KISS concert. [sarcasm]How strange for the media to get something wrong.[/sarcasm]

i heard it was kitwana jones…

If Teyo stole a purse then it very well might have been.

...gee BB, I can't seem to find a single media source that said it was the KISS concert, oh sure lots of regular people assumed it was, being that the biggest concert held that night was KISS at the Saddledome and the obvious assumption would've been there, but I can't find any actual news story in the press that definitively states the attack venue as the Saddledome....this wouldn't be a case of your paranoia over the media would it BB?....if you can show a source for your sarcastic claim that would be great to clear up this concern I have for your affliction...

All the best to him, have to assume someone thought they could rough up a football player and pat himself on the back to make himself feel big and tough, I don't know. Weasel if this was the case.

I'm not saying this is what happened, but sometimes these players come to Canada from real rough neighbourhoods and backgrounds in the states. I've seen alot of players come up here and try to bring that "gangsta" garbage with them and they think because they are CFL players that citizens should give them preferential treatment. I've seen Nealon Greene beat down at Craven, Ive seen Fred Perry hide in his vehicle at the bar, etc. All because the life they lived back home that they tried to bring here. One thing they don't realize is, it doesn't matter who you are, mess with the wrong crowd and surround yourself with the wrong people and bad stuff can happen. I'm not saying this is what happened to Teyo, I've never heard of Teyo being that kind of guy but there are alot of players out there who think they deserve a ghetto pass for being a CFL player and they quickly find out it doesn't play.

Sorry, RedandWhite, I have to stick up for Blue Blood here. They were saying on either The Score or Sportsnet that it was at a KISS concert; and I think it was in the Canadian Press article as well, because that was what was printed in the Spectator (from CP).
Wherever it originated, it was reported in the media. I don't follow KISS's itinerary, so I can't be accused of making assumptions based on who was performing in Calgary that night. But I was talking about how surprised I was, because I never thought of KISS fans as being violent.

Did you look at the headline of the article that was originally posted. It said "Stamps player stabbed at KISS concert".

It still says that he was stabbed at a KISS concert on the TSN clf webpage, go to the videos on the right and click on Bulletin Board Message, When the interview Johnson it says "Stabbed in back at KISS concert Thursday night"