Stampeder QB's

I know Dickenson didn't play a whole lot last night (Exhibition game), but Sankey and Nealy looked pretty good at times. I think if groomed propery Nealy could be a starter once Burris retires. I honestly think (I Said it last year when he was with the Lions) Dickenson should retire and be a Coach. It would be a shame to see Sankey or Nealy cut.

Just for my Info, How did Nealy and Sankey look the week before against Edmonton?

All 4 QB's looked great. Nealy has beat out Sankey for now. Sankey was injured in the BC game. Burris is no doubt number 1 and Dave will will remain on the roster as our insurance policy at number 2. Nealy is number 3 with Sankey. According to Huff we are going to have 4 QB's

I still think it is a matter of time before Saskatchewan comes calling about the availability of Sankey.

He has played too good to be sitting so deep on the Calgary depth chart.

Your probably right. The stamps will hold on to him until someone comes calling. No emergency to let him go.

I keep getting the feeling we haven't seen Ben Sankey's full potential yet.

I think Calgary has some very good depth at QB.

Sporty Ben Sankey is a good QB. He has very good down field vision. I will not be surprised to see him down the road for a team. He really needs a shot to prove his worth.

I liked what i saw from Sanky last year when Henry went down. He really does deserve shot.