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From Penton`s The Insiders Say:

• It sounds like the NFL teams have already started lining up for (Bo Levi) Mitchell. I’ve heard there are more than half a dozen that have already shown interest.

• Our division is a bitch. Hurting a rival is one way to get better out here. (Ed) Hervey knows that, and he’ll do it. He’ll hire (DeVone) Claybrooks as his head coach.

Than I guess we were lucky to have him…
Calgary would sure be an appealing place to any of the FA QB’s after this season

Not going to be a surprise at all if we lose Bo to the NFL in the off season. Hopefully he can take a little more jewelry with him when he heads down there. Either way, it’s been an absolute pleasure having him as our franchise QB, and I hope Dickenson and Hufnagel can find the next great QB.

Not surprising he does have some interest from the NFL.

The NFL is brutal in developing QB’s, even with all the money they have down there.

If Dickenson at his size could spend some time in the NFL, I think Mitchell has a shot.

Mike Reilly can pretty much write his own ticket if Bo-Levi is gonna take the year to skidaddle around the NFL (prolly as a solid #2 in 2 or 3 markets)

If Reilly exercises his FA option - the top 2 teams for his services are:

  1. BC
  2. Calgary

Also think Regina & Toronto will make a decent play

Rebound questions:

If Reilly heads to BC will Lulay retire and become BC’s offensive coordinator?

Also what becomes Jonathan Jennings?

Jennings might take a run at the Calgary #1 QB job if Reilly comes to Vancouver.

If Reilly goes to BC, does Kevin Glenn serve as interim Esks #1 QB (at age 40)?

If Ricky Ray retires, where do the current TO hobo QBs head if Reilly signs in TO? ie. Bethlehem Thompson & Smiley Franklin?

Dickenson had a remarkably strong and accurate arm, despite being only a tad over 5'10" when he played.

Mitchell is almost a full 6'0", similar to Drew Brees. His arm isn't as accurate or as strong as Dave Dick's - but his main downfall might be his unwillingness to run/scamper - which will be even more profound when he finds out NFL d-linemen hit like road bombs & most NFL LBs are even faster than him!

Dickenson never played an NFL game. Was on 3 teams I think but never played.

I think there will be an NFL bidding war for BLM actually and he will be an immediate starter.

I think Jon Gruden gets him as the Raiders move to Vegas.

And Gruden trades Carr.

(And DD would be laughing and embarrassed to read where his arm was stronger than BLM’s.)

Dave Dickenson didn’t play much in the NFL, but in the CFL he took some beatings and spent much time on IR because of it.
It was a shame because he was a great talent who’s body of work was too short