Stampeder Fans

OK … I know I have made my opinion regarding the Stampeder fans and McMahon library quite clear in the past … But you have got to hear this …

Myself and 6 other Bomber fans have season tickets way up in section O. Yesterdays game was miserable weather to say the least (nevermind the fact i just arrived from Vegas not even 24 hours prior) … The cold weather, combined with the wind and constant rain made for a great atmosphere. A great number of rider fans in the stands outcheered the Stampeder fans most of the game … No question the rider fans outnumbered the stampeder fans by the end of the 3rd quarter. We had been standing most of the 2nd half already due to the fact there was literally NO ONE around us for at least 5-10 rows… Mid way in the fourth quarter it happened … A group of Stampeder fans sitting 6 rows up, and maybe 15 seats towards the center of the field (away from us) came down and very politely asked us to please sit down … We couldn’t believe it …

Now - at this time there must not have been more than 2,000 people in the stands … and i’d be willing to wager that 1,500 of them were drunken rider fans … Maybe 5-6 minutes left on the clock … the fourth and fifth stringers are giving it their all … we’re not obstructing view of the play … In the pouring rain. Please sit down??? If I sat down … How would all of my fans be able to view my dance performance? How would they be able to view my no-hands beer can chug? This just made no sense to any of us … (I probably don’t have to let you know that we didn’t sit down).

BRUTAL!!! The Stampeder fans are a pathetic bunch … really … and this example futrher underlines how bad it really is. Big respect to the Rider fans that made it out to the game … And negotiating an alliance with us Bomber fans to help in the fight against a common quiet enemy (The lowly McMahon Library “fans” of Calgary)

To whomever that group of Stamp fans were … all i can say is … Prepapre yourself - its going to be a long season of dealing with us now … SEASON TICKETS BABY!!!


I’d like to have the admin. consider this one for post of
the year. Dumbest post Ive ever read.

Watch you dance and chug, please pal get a life.

** sigh **

Maybe its the whole province …


I dont know what your complaining about, They said please.

Then go home.

Speaking of dancing and chugging, you should have seen
me after watching the 2001 Grey cup. I was dancing and
chugging al freakin night. Cant recall who we were playing
but i remember it was a pathetic, over-confident bunch of
trash talkers.

We came, we played, we kicked their @sses.

…glad you had fun at the expense of others…I had an enjoyable time…cheering and booing and laughing with those around me…if your not having fun dude go get a refund and move to edmonton…

Hmmm, the fun starts… and it’s only exhibition season…

It was the bunch with the kicker who couldn’t make a field goal to save his life… what’s his name… the greasy one…

Bombers are LONG SHOTS - I am from the Peg and a great place to be FROM - check out bombers are LONG shots LOL - Stamps are too but we’re supposed to be

Go stamps

What were your seat numbers for futre reference? We have a special van that holds several drunks like yourselves. Section O hmmm