Stampeder cuts June 13, 2005


Monday, June 13, 2005 - 12:35PM

(Calgary) – The Calgary Stampeder Football Club made the following roster moves today, releasing Linebackers David Hewson, Frank Strong, Defensive Lineman Jerame Southern, Michael Josiah, Receivers Brendan Mahoney, James Hickenbotham, Running Back Jacques Lumbala, Offensive Lineman Evan Haney and Defensive Back Lawrence Deck.

greetings R&W
do any of those cuts surprise you? Whats the story on James H? Is he a Canadian or import?another point I would like to know! In the case of a guy who is injured why wouldn’t the Stamps just put him on the injured list instead of cutting him? I’m reffering to Michael Josiah.

That is a good question I was bit suprisedby those two.