Stampeder charged with 2 counts of assault

Well, this isn't going to make John Hufnagel very happy. Cab driver sent to hospital in the alleged assault? Quincy Butler arrested. :frowning:


Hufnagel will probably trade him to the Riders,where he will fit right in like a glove. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't think the Riders gloves would fit him to well, They had to order XXXX large to fit that huge ring under the things this year. :cowboy:

LOL!!!! As the saying goes.....If the glove don't fit,you must acquit :lol: Speaking of those rings,any word on when they'll be ready? I'm sure they'll be "Tiny" little baubles :slight_smile: probably the size of a small skating rink and being capable of blinding you from 20 feet away.I'm sure that the rings will be really impressive,no doubt about it.

UPDATE: John Hufnagel released a statement about this today:

“I’ve met with Quincy on several occasions about his situation. Obviously, I’m highly disappointed anytime one of our players finds himself in this type of situation. At this time, Quincy and I feel that his efforts would be best spent away from the football club and focusing on his personal matters. Therefore, Quincy will be suspended at the start of training camp on June 1. Upon the resolution of his legal situation, we will reassess the matter and make a determination on his status with the team.

— Head coach and general manager John Hufnagel

If only some other teams in this league had the integrity that Calgary is showing. We do not need to tolerate this kind of behavior in our league. Once the legal matters are cleared up then we proceed forward (regardless of percieved innocence or guilt).

Well done Mr hufnagel! This is the proper way to address a situation like this. Glad to see there is someone ethical and with integrity left in this league.


the bar fights and such are bad enough, but a little more leniency is understandable because it is often provoked...attacking a cab driver / bystander is scary.
I hope that whatever might have caused this outlash is resolved and he is a better person for it moving forward.

100% agree, but another team might just ignore it until after the season and any lawyer worth his salt could delay a trial until after the Grey cup.

Another team must be Sask. Roughriders :rockin:

…I don’t think it’s entirely fair to compare the two incidents, the Butler one and the one where the rider players were charged…it’s pretty clear the Butler incident is more or less a slam dunk, the dude assaulted to separate guys with no real reason and plenty of witnesses…the rider altercation (and I admit I do not know all the facts) seems like there was a he-said-he-said verbal escalation that the onus of fault isn’t so easily identified, hence the need for a trial, to argue the circumstances of what happened…just my opinion

…on another note, I’m happy with how Hufnagel handled this, straightforward and with very little embarrassment to the club and the player invovled…

Sadly, I doubt many other teams would have handled this so well, if any at all. Certainly not the Riders :lol: .

Have to I kinda alluded to earlier. I don't know all of the facts behind the Rider one, but know people that were present, and to say there was some provocation is a more than a fair statement. The argument/question in that case is more whether self preservation was taken too far really.

This was totally innocent bystanders...still...hope he resolves whatever the issue was...perhaps drinking is an issue, perhaps gambling, perhaps it is something else that counseling can work out. I am pleased with how Huff handled it, but to take it a step further, I hope they have offered him something for support in that manner...something the sports world needs to get better at.

Would that other team you are referring to be a team that hired a new G.M. who had been let go by a team that was acting with ultimate class by dismissing him after an alleged sexual assault incident???

Gee another brilliant retort, trying to divert the thread by dredging up a totally unrelated incident. Even if the Eskimo’s were totally in the wrong for hiring Tillman (which I in fact condemned from the beginning) it has no bearing on Hufnagel making the right decision by suspending the player in question and the Riders making the wrong decision by ignoring the assault by not one but three of their players. Some have suggested that the assault in Calgary was worse and it might have been but that is irrelevant, the only thing that matters and that I have discussed is the reaction of the two teams, in my opinion, one right and one wrong.

Now I have to ask, did you post to make a case or are you just making an ignorant comment because it is me that posted, as is your MO.

The Roughriders did not make the wrong decision; the players Anderson and Taj Smith are in connection with the aggravated assault charge on a 20 yr. man. The key word here is connection; thus the court date has been set for June 11 or 12th in Regina.

I'm not sure what the word connection has to do with it, weren't all three Riders charged with aggravated assault? It really doesn't matter, my point is that as a fan and in respect to the players acting in a manner that was detrimental to the image of the team and of the league, Hufnagel made in my opinion the right decision, the Riders GM did not. All four players may get off and be found not guilty but there is little doubt that the actions of all of these players brought negative publicity to their teams and the league.

hmm...who diverted what

Get’s my vote for ZING of the year. Thanks Depop.

No MO. Posted to make the case that no matter what you may be able to come up with any other teams integrity, It takes 1.5 seconds to come up with volumes of things the Esks did, 1,000 times worse. Quit bringing a jackknife to a gun fight, and throwing the first lame as s effort of a jab to boot, and you won't find me responding to anything you opinionate. Go there however and then take what you get back like a man, assuming that's the case.