Stampeder caught cheating and gets suspension....

Another Calgary Stampeder has been caught cheating and has been suspended.........

...another? wasnt' aware there was a police lineup...

....anyways, sounds like Finch realized he's screwed up:

“I made a mistake and I accept full responsibility. I want to make it clear that there was absolutely no intent on my part to cheat as I was taking the medication to treat attention-deficit disorder. At the same time, I know that I’m responsible for what goes into my body and I should have asked more questions. I apologize to the fans, the coaches and my teammates for the embarrassment I have caused.?

Yes another one has been caught cheating. This is not the first time it has happened and thus the word another is completely justified. Be honest and imagine the outrage this board would show, complete with childish pictures and links, if this was a Roughrider that had been caught cheating.

As for the realization that Finch knows he screwed up? Not really anything earth shattering. What is he supposed to do, ignore the obvious?

Anyway, it's to bad, I find Finch to be an exciting player to watch, hopefully in the future he can do so legally., you're too sensitive for my liking...why bring the roughriders into this? there was no mention of the riders until you brought them it because there's a mental thought association for you when the word 'cheat' is mentioned that you automatically think of the riders? I didn't...weird, I've never seen that before, but it's probably true...

lol......not sensitive whatsoever, just trying to create a balance on the forum....... 8)

...balance? is that like the force?

Heh, yup. Overly sensitive fans of one team wondering why people who like to get reactions out of overly sensitive fans "pick on" the team with the most overly sensitive fans instead of picking on other teams that don't have such overly sensitive fans. If there were a balance in the number of overly sensitive fans among all teams, we'd see a balance in posts trying to get a reaction out of those overly sensitive fans of all teams.

But back to the Stampeder cheater . . . anyone else find it funny that a guy with ADD got busted for not paying close enough attention to the contents of his meds? Evidently, those meds aren't working so well.

...sick burn..., he'll return and be the best kick returner in the league now because unmedicated ADD...

Ha! Nice :smiley:

Well you can pretend to deny that the posters on this forum don't have a double standard when it comes to mocking the Roughriders but we all know the truth. I'm just getting ahead of the wagon circle for the future.

As for Finch, it really is to bad cuz he is a heck of a good player with a lot of potential. I suspect he will be back with a force when he returns.

I know it would create grey area and potential loop holes...but I wish stuff like this could be legitimized and more lenience given. That said...anything you are taking should simply be run past the club docs and if it isn't then I guess there is no reason for leniency.

...especially when what you are taking is used by the air force to keep pilots alert on long missions and is referred to as a 'go-pill'....the google told me in 2.8 seconds it was an athletic performance enhancer, sheesh...

We all know that you’re some kind of professional victim who thinks that everyone is conspiring against him at all moments of every day. Do you ever post about any topic other than the Anti-Roughrider Conspiracy?

I sure do post about other topics Patty. You're just seeing what you want to see.

Interesting that you think you can speak for every single poster on this site. Deny the fact all you want, most posters know the truth. I will say it's gotten better in the last month or so, so maybe you should try to keep up with the rest of us.

Bless you.....

You make this a little too easy, but here goes.

You have convinced me. I now agree that anyone who writes words like "we all know," presuming to speak for every other poster, is delusional and is probably seeing only what he wants to see.

Now, the question to ask yourself is this: did I come up with those words myself, or was I mocking someone else for using them? (Hint: scroll up)

Patty Patty Patty Patty Patty Patty.....I am so impressed you picked up on the obvious bait that was laid out for you...... I would have laid money on it. You're coming along..... :thup:

Keep up your good old argumentative self, we all wouldn't have it any other way...... :smiley:

Yeah, you sure got me.

Now we should probably stop this bickering so that others can get back to this thread, which I believe is about ... the Roughriders, is it not?

tsk tsk tsk...... you started the "bickering".........the thread is about the Calgary Stampeder that got caught cheating...... you just proved the secondary comment that was added in for veracity to be correct.

Please Patty, try to keep to the thread and stop derailing the point of the thread.....

What do you think about the actual thread?

What do I think? I think you started the thread for the sole purpose of hijacking it to whine about your perpetual victimhood.