Stampders' Stadium rumoured to host NHL Classic

McMahon Stadium, Calgary, Albera.
...?Hmm, it's older than Ivor Wynne.
It seats just 5 thousand more than Ivor Wynne.
It hosted last years Grey Cup and made a profit.
Calgary has no plans to rebuild another.

Why did we hear for the last number of years, that for the Tiger-Cats to break even they needed this and that amount of fans in the stands. I remember the numbers fluctuating around 22,000. Then all of a sudden we're losing $7 million/year.
Has the new TC headquarters made us better? Did signing Printers, KK make us better? etc etc etc.
I do like Bob, don't get me wrong.
So, some chatter comes in on this forum for a new stadium from a few who already go to games but now want their wide brimmed seating and a 10 lane track around the stadium just so they can say "hey we got a brand new metal stadium" that will take longer to get to no matter where they "might" put it.
Is a newer metal stadium with a 30,000 seating capacity the answer to Tiger-Cat's attendance
I'll go out on a limb and say, No. Ivor Wynne's concrete will be around just as long as a new metal stadium that will "shake" just like BMO Field.
Ivor Wynne is not the issue among real fans.
Our certain "elected" who denounce the value of the Tiger-Cats and the "well to do" with the "biggie size" this fans are
the ones to blame.
Save the regular "Joe" with the years of taxpayers' debt with a Pan Am stadium. Put some of our $$$ taxes into Ivor Wynne
and you'll get the relevant increase in attendance and we won't get marked with the next "white elephant".
For those with Toronto envy, then spend our cash on the little metal stadium that could. We'll then have 2 stadiums and you might even get front row seats to any country music show you want.

One option is to move the track and field events to U of T,and have the soccer games played in Hamilton.I love this idea.We wouldn't have a track around the field,and the seats could be that much closer to the field.

For 2 weeks of "b" athletic track and field 5 years from now, I couldn't care less where they run, ride, or swim any of the events. Just don't saddle me with a lame stadium that the next few generations will still be paying for just so Dalton, Fred, Scott Mitchell, and Bob can wear a feather for a year or two.

I would start the east side of the stadium from about row 15 for the track and field events.When the games are over,you take out the track and finish off rows 1-14,over where the track was, for a nice ,cozy football stadium.It makes no sense to me,to sit 20 yards further away from the field,for the rest of our lives,because of 1 event.

Someone help here, as is this post about the NHL Winter Classic to be rumoured to be hosted in Calgary? Or is this about some other Stampeders I know nothing about?

Two years ago, though not much of an NHL fan and even having a hard time watching tonight's game also with my Lakers on opposite, I started to watch the Winter Classic before I watched the Rose Bowl later on New Year's Day given the usually otherwise awful college bowl game matchups any more that day.

Somehow I missed something in this post that is supposed to be about the NHL with the rest of it just like 90% of the posts on this Ti-Cats section any more about that stadium battle and mess you have in Southern Ontario. :frowning:

Let me help you out.
Calgary's McMahon Stadium where the CFL's Stampeders play their home games, is older than Hamilton's Ivor Wynne Stadium, the home of the TIger-Cats. Yet, McMahon Stadium is good enough to be considered a host for the NHL Heritage Classic on a world stage, where as Ivor Wynne is an embarassment to Scott Mitchel, and a few "drive the Infinite, pay for it later" TC fans. Get my drift?
The envy coming across from the David Braley's and the like with all this hype about Hamilton needing to replace the best professional football stadium in North America for watching a game is just that. Hype! Owning the BC Lions wasn't enough for Braley so he bought the Toront0 Ar@%! Same guy, who tried selling the clones of this province that we need a new stadium for the amazing experience we'll have for 2 weeks, 5 years from now.
So, the hype has centred on the pushover taxpayers of the Province of Ontario to build another metal stadium to host a track and field event in 2015.
Guess who get all the headlines?
You guessed it, not you or I.
Guess who gets to pay for it.
Ask Montreal.

Is this suppose to make the Hamilton Tiger-Cats profitable?
I see more debt. But hey I'm not a Dalton fan.

I think there actually has been some musing out west that McMahon does not have a lot of life left in it. And unless I'm mistaken it was given a huge overhaul for the 1988 Winter Olympics. That was still over 20 years ago, but aside from minor changes and upgrades, and the major addition to the press box for the '96 Grey Cup, IWS is still very much a 40+ year-old. The concrete can't be expected to hold out for a lot longer without a massive and expensive rebuild. It's not just that either - other facilities in the stadium are antiquated as well (restrooms, utilities, concession areas, to name a few) and the current setup would not likely accommodate the modern standards.

Who says we're going to get an all-metal stadium anyway? While Bob may have said he likes BMO, I don't think he specifically meant the design details, but more the model of how it was built and financed. The design is TBD once they know where they're building a new stadium, and how large it will be.

IWS will be missed, but her days are numbered.

I heard this rumor, and for one I hope they get it. However, I also heard they would be putting the Flames against the Canadiens, which is completely retarded. The Flames’s primary rivals are the Oilers, It’s the battle of Alberta and the two really got into it. The two practically appeared in Alberta at the exact same time around 1980, and gunned for each other ever since.

The Canadiens’ primary rivals are the Leafs. It is the longest standing, most infamous rivalry in Hockey, if not sports in general. Save the Canadiens for a winter classic with the Leafs, give the Flames the Oilers or the Cannucks at McMahon.

While I can understand your point, my hope would be that they repeat what they did when they had the outdoor game at Commonwealth stadium. Suit up the old Habs team against the Lanny McDonald Flames. (Mostly because I'm a Habs fan and I hate the Leafs). But I would still enjoy the old Oilers team (Gretzky et al vs Lanny and gang).

As for the Ivor Wynne comments from further up in this thread. Sorry...but a new stadium IS needed. Concrete doesn't last forever. Just look at some of the bridges that have collapsed due to age. The re-bar reinforcing of those old structures do rust and degrade leading to weakened concrete. IT'S TIME TO REPLACE THE OLD GIRL.

Name a concrete bridge that has collapapsed. The Pantheon is 2,000 yrs old and standing strong. Prefer BMO Field's metal stadium in Toronto that shakes when the crowd gets raucous? Emergency repairs were already needed on a 3 year old metal stadium. At $62,000,000 for 20,000 seats 3 years ago, what do you think we'll get?
WIth upkeep,IWS's 40 yrs old concrete shoud last longer than BMO Field with a lot less of a price tag. IWS isn't what keeps us from selling out. It's part of what keeps us coming back contrare to what Scott Mitchell says.

The NHL will have 2 outdoor games next year. Calgary is hosting the "Heritage Classic" sometime in Feb. while Heinz Field in Pittsburgh will play host to the "Winter Classic" on New Years' Day

Ivor Wynne is older than McMahon. Only parts of it are younger. But if you count renovations, parts of Mc Mahon were renovated just prior to the 88' Olympics.

Ok, how about that overpass in Montreal a few years back? It wasn't even 40 years old. I bet I can find dozens of examples if I look them up. And didn't a section of the Big Owe come crashing down a while back, only 3 decades or so after it was built?

The concrete lasts. The steel reinforcing rods (rebar) within it do not. They eventually corrode, and when they corrode they expand, and when they expand they crack the concrete which encases them and the structure fails.

If you've ever driven under the Gardiner Expressway (or even under Burlington St.) you'll see cracks, sometimes sections where concrete has crumbled away revealing a rusting lattice of metal underneath, and many places where patching has been done as a stopgap... under the Gardiner they've actually replaced entire supports that were beyond their useful lifespan.

The Pantheon is an entirely different beast. The Romans didn't use metal as a reinforcement, but the domed form of the roof actually supports itself in a way that concrete spans of modern-day bridges or stadiums cannot. If they had built an un-reinforced concrete dome over IWS way back when it would probably be just fine too, but the stands underneath would still be nearing the end of their life.

The stadium has actually held up surprisingly well and obviously been maintained - if you ever look up when you're on the concourse you'll see very few signs of anything that might be a huge problem. But the engineers can see what we cannot, and if they're telling us an expensive re-build will be needed soon, I'd tend to trust them.