Stamp Tix

Im thinkin of headin out to the Labor Day Classic and am thimking of getting either the Safeway tickets or the Sport Chek ones. Could someone fill me in on when those tickits would go on sale and how much they are. I am guessing they go on sale the week or two before. Also are they seat yourself sections or what? I really just want to get down low to appreciate it fully.

Those games sell out very quick> You can check out Boston Pizza as well they have a two game package one free drink, a ride to the games and the two games are the Riders Aug 5 and the other is the Labor day classic. The two games package and ride and drinks are $89.00

the safeway tickets are general seating and also there is no beer aloud in the safeway section im not sure how much the cost though

Better get them quick. Labour day is always a sellout.