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Calgary cup favourites????

Heck no! My Lions plan on beating them in the Western Final! :wink: :wink:

Pay attention, 05.
You get edited when your posts begin with or include a variation of, " The Riders"
We could be talking about the military operations in Afghanistan or whether Jim Popp has nice hair, and your response will be,
Because the Riders, I do not believe Jim Popp has nice hair, or it must infuriate those Rider fans we are in Afghanistan resulting in:

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And, if you only did it occasionally, it might slide by.
But it is every other post, at least....

Yet again your off topic no chief why is that. I have never said the riders su-ck and you know that. I just have a different opinion. To bad you can not man up to that.

How exactly did I get drawn into this? Now who is harassing who, 05?

Get it back on topic. :roll:

I cant imagine you ever giving Calgary any credit Arius, but I'll take your word you had them picked for second.

To refresh your memory arius, Henry was injured
in week 13, marching the team downfield for a
potential victory. I believe we were around the 10. Zeke hits him when he's down and out of bounds.

He comes back for one game in week 16, then sits until playoffs.

Ever had a dislocated shoulder??

We had nothing to win at that point and potentially had a lot to lose.

I stand by my opinion that with a decent backup, we take 2nd and beat you at home.

You dont like it?

Tough, its my opinion.

Just for you, Eskylo:

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Anyway, I think it is your memory that needs refreshing.
The reason Hank continued to sit in regular season games was because 2nd place was already a goal for 2008 by then. If the game(s) had meant something, he would have played.
As for the dislocated shoulder, I suspect I expressed my opinion at the time that the Stamps were rather careless with their starting QB letting him play after only missing 2 games.
So apparently, I understand how serious a separated shoulder is better than Henry Burris or the Stampeders did.

Anyway, in a struggle to get back on topic, I have already stated that signing DD is a good move by Calgary. I just don’t believe it improves the team all that much. Obviously, you cannot have too much depth at the QB position. Still, it won’t particularly factor into where I will predict them to finish, once the forums turn their gunsights on forecasts for 2008.

And that, sir, is my opinion.
If you don’t like it, I don’t particularly care.

Hank was injured you sound disappointed that he could not play. Are you a closet fan of his Arius.

I wasn't even a fan of his when he played for the Riders.... me crazy, but I'm going to side with Coach Hufnagel on this subject...

You’re crazy…

Actually, I don’t see much difference in what I said and what Huffer said.
Keeping in mind, when the GM signs a player, he seldom says, “we signed this guy, but we don’t really think he is any good and it is unlikely he will make the team better”.
Dave is all of those things Huffer says.
In fact, he has proven himself to be a better QB than Hank.
But as he has been signed to be the back-up, the hope will be that Dave never sees the playing field in 2008.
If that happens, there will likely be joy in Cowtown.
For Dave to actually impact the play on the field, he must play–I don’t put all that much stalk in this 'it’s like having another coach on the sidelines" stuff–and for that to happen, Hank must either stink, or get hurt.
And I suspect that is not what either Huffer or yourself desires.
Considering that, if when making my 2008 picks, the deciding point between team A and team B is the back-up QB, advantage likely Calgary.
In every other way, it means little.
So right now, a quick preview–in the West, after the signing of DD, I see Calgary duking it out all year with Edmonton for third, or a possible crossover.
And that was where I saw them before signing Dave. Ergo, no difference.

Dumbest post yet by you Arius probably the best one from you! friend, I left you speechless I see....

Hit the submit button instead of the preview button.
Never done that before. Getting old…

But I’ve fixed it…and now, the one 05 posted makes it all worth while…

Im going to simplify this for you arius.

We had an opportunity to improve our talent.
(you do agree dd is > then sankey)

We came, we offered, we kicked ass.

What are you guys paying Crandell??

Whats the running back wanting now that his D won him a cup?

I heard he wants to be highest paid.....qb.

Might get ugly.

Hey Eskylo....

going into the season, I think you will the best 1 - 2 quarterback combo in the league. But when 1 folds under pressure and you have the second worst offensive line in the league last year, it doesn't sound good for ole glassjaw.

...time will tell... mike, second most sacks allowed doesn't equate to second worst o-line int he's a stat that doens't take into account a scrambling QB vs a non-scrambling QB...we had the scrambling kind...take a look at most yards passed (which equates to time to throw) and most yards rushed (which equates to open holes) and you'll see my team's o-line did quite well thank you very much...

Where do put the coach less riders? Remember the coaches are a dime a dozen. It seems like a saskatchewan dozen is three. My crystal ball tells me the riders are playoff less this year. But heck I have been wrong lots of times.

Dickenson is not much of a scrambling QB, so it will be very interesting to see how good/bad the Stamp Oline will be this coming season.