Stamp of approval

Wed, January 30, 2008

Stamp of approval
UPDATED: 2008-01-30 02:19:55 MST

Calgary waits to see if Dickenson accepts contract offer to backup Burris


The Calgary Stampeders have made it official -- they want Dave Dickenson.

However, let it be known they hope he doesn't play much at all.

"We are basically trying to sign Dave to be a backup quarterback to Henry Burris," confirmed Stamps head coach John Hufnagel yesterday, making his first comments on the move since the Sun reported it yesterday.

"We want character people here and Dave brings a lot of that to the table ... if he so chooses to join us. We're comfortable with what we've offered and we're hoping Dave wears the red and white."

The formal contract tabled to the 35-year-old free agent yesterday comes almost a month after Hufnagel initiated discussions with the Calgary-based quarterback. The two have known each other since 1996 when Dickenson spent his first pro season on the Stamps practice roster and Hufnagel was in his final year as the team's offensive co-ordinator.

Hufnagel made it clear Dickenson's arrival would not prompt an open competition at camp for the starting gig -- a point he wanted to hammer home with Burris, too. Burris has been dealing with a death in the family and was informed of the team's pursuit of Dickenson by the Sun Monday, causing Burris' agent and several Stamps front office types to panic. After all, Burris and Dickenson share the same agent, Ken Staninger.

"I had planned on talking to Henry in person when I first got involved with this in January but he was not in town," explained Hufnagel.

"When I got in town last night, I planned on meeting today to explain what we were trying to do and why. Your article beat me to it but Henry and I just had an hour-long conversation and he hopes Dave is his teammate. They worked together for three years so they're comfortable with each other."

Both players had said Monday they would look forward to being teammates again with their roles reversed.

Dickenson has long hoped to finish his career in Calgary where he lives in the off-season with his wife and two young kids. Following three concussions in as many seasons, the 2006 Grey Cup MVP is debating whether he wants to pursue a starting job opportunity in Toronto or backup gigs in Winnipeg or Calgary. For what it's worth, the Argos are hesitant to publicly admit Dickenson was made an offer even though they wined and dined him in Toronto last week.

Dickenson said he has salary numbers in mind to play as a starter or a backup and if they aren't met, he's content to retire. He knows he'll be taking a massive pay cut from the $400,000 he made last year.

If he signs in Calgary, he'd give the Stamps an insurance policy the club hasn't had since Dickenson and Burris backed up Jeff Garcia in 1998.

"We're moving along here," said Dickenson yesterday as he mulled over his options.

"I don't think anything's going to happen today."

But it will in the next week.


You know RW2005, the anti Burris group will be all over this. I can hear it now.

"Burris ego can't handle Dickenson"
" What happens the first time Burris gets pulled."

Hope you have lots of "debate time" scheduled ahead! :wink:

We only say it because it is true...

As much as I'd like to see Dave Dickenson backup Michael Bishop in Toronto this season, I can't see him any where other than Calgary.

...time will tell....

One thing in Calgary's favour is Dickenson's brother coaches there.

Well he has his wife there as well and a house in the NW as well. But I think he will go where he has more of a chance to play IMO.

If he stayed healthy and accepted a starts job with the Argo's they might have a competent offense and be a scary team.

I hope he signs with the Stamps :slight_smile:

Dave, its time to come home!

Sportsnet is reporting that Calgary has called a press conference to announce that Dickenson has agreed to return to the Stampeders

Fantastic news if its true.

Burris's shoulder injury imo cost us a home
playoff game, and a victory.

Talk about a one, two punch........

Cortez, Hufnagel, Burris, and Dickenson, all working
together to make this offence unstoppable.

Am i dreaming?

I sure the hell hope not!

You would have gone 6-0 with Burris?
Of course he only missed 3 games with the injury.
One of those because the Stamps already had conceded second place.
And aren't you 0-2 at home WITH Burris as your starter?
I think the league should institute a new rule for 2008.
If you don't win a game--not one single game--outside of Alberta, you should automatically miss the play-offs.

3-9-1 against play-off teams.
Hank's shoulder cost you a home play-off game....
I think your offence was supposed to be unstoppable last year.
Glad a back-up QB will solidify that for you....

Eskylo, Last year with Joffery Reynolds, and your receiving corp, I had picked the Calgary team to finish higher. I think with Dickenson tutoring Burris, and playing some game(s) Calgary will be a much improved team.

Its no wonder the Anti-Burris bunch are a little nervous, if Joseph signs on with New Orleans, some team may be a little short at QB!

Not only that they are having a tough time replacing their HC. Seems the people in the line up have left. Richie Hall will be HC after all no one wants the job. But that would be sad to see them lose KJ :lol: :lol: :lol: Oh my my feelings are showing again :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey, not a problem, if KJ goes he goes. Sask will find someone to replace them

But I would have thought that Calgary would have been smarter. I guess they didn't learn from the reciever rotation, great concept but was the cause of a 3-4-1 start to season, which basically left them hoping for third place.

Oh yes, lets not forget the coaching confusion is it Higgins is it Hufnagel was it a delibrate leak was it a trusted advisor running to media making a mistake.

Now they sign a quarterback who is by everyones standard still better then Burris. Wait he is only 1.5 years older then Burris. How long before it causes problems. I mean Burris didn't learn from Danny Mc why would he learn from the guy who is there to take his job.

Way to secure no higher then 3rd this year.

...time will tell...

I appreciate your honesty and integrity Sportsmen.

It feels so good to be back in the saddle, with an organization that people are looking to become a part of, or for that matter stay a part of.

Im expecting a couple more signings in the very near future, and again I dont expect Arius to be very happy.

Too bad for him.

Thats okay Eskylo, I think you guys will bounce back and be challenging us for first again.

In my pre-season predictions, I picked Calgary to contend for first place, but finish a strong second.
Trying to suggest the reason they did not match those expectations was because Henry Burris missed two games with a bum shoulder late in the year is a desparate cry for pity.
The reason they were as brutal as they were was because Henry Burris was terrible at the beginning of the year, and Calgary's defence was MIA all year.
Unless DD is planning to play at the safety position, I don't see how that aspect changes.
Depth at QB is great.
But unfortunately, it only helps you if either A). your starter is playing like crap, or B). your starter is injured and can't play at all.
In this case, maybe there is a C). By Labour Day, the starter will be Dave Dickenson.

Anyway, if Dave can stay healthy, he will obviously be an asset for any team.
Does Calgary signing him make them Cup favourites?
I doubt it.