Stamp fans...Hope you realize how lucky you are to have Dmac

This is from a Hamilton fan. This offseason Edmonton became my second favourite team for a few months...until Danny McManus was then traded to Calgary. He is an excellent quarterback. The interception stats make him look weaker than he is. If Danny McManus always had a stellar group of receivers (something he lacked at times in Hamilton) he would consistently be one of the most productive quarterbacks in the CFL. Him and Burris...that's incredible depth. I don't see the Stamps that often, but they looked to me like a team that never gave up. If Danny McManus was given the opportunity to play, with some of Calgary's receivers (you have a fairly good receiving corps, don't you?) he would tear the league apart. He is also one of the nicest people you can meet off the field. So, go Calgary!

Rob I was one of those fans going what the heck are they doing bringing in D Mac. But after watching him in practises the last three days I am going what the heck this guy is zipping passes to the receivers like he was with them all last year. He has been mobile in the back field and I am very suprosed by the old guy. I now believe if needed this guy can help. He must be rejuvinated by the change. Even with the rookie receivers in camp he has been on target.

From a Riders fan, I still think Burris is great, and McManus is a dream back-up QB. With one of the most dangerous (if not the most dangerous) receiving core in the league, the Stamps should be a thrill to watch.

I'm sorry but there must be some confusion, DMac mobile in the bacfield?
In all seriosnes though, not sure if he has what it takes to be a started (but then Allen still is, and the last couple seasons in the hammer weren't the best) he would make 1 hell of a Back-up. You know he is there when needed and will be greta to learn off of for the younger QB's.
I just hope he gets some reps when i come to see the Cats take on Stamps late June.

DMac will be valuable to the Stamps because when Burris goes on his slide for a few games they can throw in Danny Mac for a bit to keep the team stable.

Burris can be a great QB, but he is very streaky. Now they have an awesome backup to help them out when it happens.

Where do you get streaky! Did you watch the games last year. They won their 7 last games and would have won the semi final had the fumbles been left out of the game. Where do you get streaky! Give your head a shake!

dmac is a lot more mobile than people give him credit for. He has awesome footwork, and while he's not the fastest runner around, he can sidestep rushers very well, and his instincts are very well proven.

Calgary has more talent around him than Hamilton has had for the last couple years, so I thik he'll do well. I also fon't think he got on well Hamilton's O coach Jamie Baresi.

He was a great pick up for Calgary, and I know he'll end up in a game against Hamilton and scorch us for a couple td's.

D Mac has the outmost respect for the fans of Hamilton. I do not believe he has any ill feelings what so ever. And yes he is more mobile then I thought before he came here. I mean he is not going to run like Burris but he sure can scramble when needed.

I think DMac was a great pickup for Calgary...he still has the gun and his quick release makes up for his lack of foot speed...and IMO if Ricky Ray goes down for any length of time this year Edmonton is going to look rather silly for letting McManus go in favour of Khari Jones.

You just may be right on that one.

Jones will be cut after friday. And if not, Maciocca has some serious problems picking players for the roster.

Danny Mac will be a great backup. Maybe some of his expirience will rub off on Burris. I say this every time i see him go long, he throws the 9 better then anyone in the league.