Stamp Fans Agree.......

that Taman got the better of Barker in the Gauthier for Jones trade.

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I would have to agree, to be able to acquire a former number one draft choice, starting NI tackle for an import and a draft choice, thank you Barker.

And neither has played a snap with their new team yet ...

Piggy, you are doing a good job of stiring the pot!

I've never heard of either of these league "Stars" which Canuckev explained very well why.

Not this Stamp fan....u just got the worse
lineman on our team for what D. Maxie called
the toughest lineman to play against.

Advantage Calgary.

Garrick Jones is a heck of player, Stamp fans will like this guy. The bombers needed a starting NI tackle, both sides got what they were after.

I can agree with that. Ive heard Garrick interviewed a couple times now and Im really impressed with him, he should fit right in.

Gauthiers no slouch but some games he played last year werent pretty. You guys could spare an import
and we were in the market.

Shame on you Sporty, suggesting that I would attempt to draw certain stamp fans into a fray. Those very fans have done the talking for me, how sweet is that. :slight_smile: