Stameders Vs. Eskimos Labur Day Classic 2018

What is the ultimate pilgrimage?
For Catholics, it’s Easter Sunday mass in the Vatican square, for football fans, it’s the Labour Day classic at historic McMahon Stadium

Its not going to be the nicest weather day in Calgary, but it is Labour Day! The gateway to fall and the day the Calgary Stampeders officially send out the invite for the remaining western teams to begin the competition for the right and privilege to play in the Calgary Stampeders Invitational, AKA- The Western Final at historic McMahon

Calgary 28
Edmonton 15

Just two questions for ya . What exactly is a Stameder ? and what exactly is Labur Day ?

No one likes a smart ass

I’d like to point out that sometimes people post from a device, such as a phone, where spelling is harder to control. Besides, as long as they can be understood, minor typos should be easily ignored. EVERYBODY makes them from tiime to time.

;DJust messing with ya there buddy , relax .;DBesides how smart can I actually be ? I’m a Ti-Cat fan and unfortunately I’ll have to go down to THF and settle on watching the Tor/Ham game. On the other hand you get to go to the mecca of football , the historic McMahon stadium in the ultimate pilgrimage on this sacred of days known as Labour Day .

Enjoy the game today . In fact a big shout out to all CFL fans regardless of where you may be watching the games today . 8)

Yesus Maria! Between interviews and commercials, you barely get a football game to watch!

Definitely a fumble

his knee touched the ground!

Heading down to THF shortly myself as I’m in town for the REAL Labour Day Classic. In the meantime, amusing myself watching the western version of the LD game. Looks like a cool one in horsetown (Calgary really is a nice city!) A little warmer here in the Hammer.

Joking aside - what I’ve seen of this game so far it looks like a good tight game with the horses having a slight advantage at the moment as half time nears.

Bobo is the exception…

I have to admit, wasn’t expecting this score going into the third quarter…

Duke Willians talking some smack at the halftime interview with TSN

Bo’s down, could be bad if he’s out

That INT is on Reilly. Bad throw

Edmonton is doing everything they can to give this game away


Annnnd……… they were successful

Stamps look like Grey Cup champs